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Artist of the Month
by Josh Jones: josh@comicattack.net & Cameron Crump: cameron@comicattack.net
Once a month, Josh will feature a talented artist from the mainstream, independent and self-published comic book community. Artist of the Month is a platform to highlight the works of past innovators, current stars and this generation’s next great artists. Those featured in this column consistently display exemplary artistic skills, and they maximize these abilities in order to create progressive aesthetics in their respective field. Each entry into AotM will contain an in-depth interview with the artist and an exclusive look at artwork from their portfolio.

Bento Bako Weekly
by Kristin: kristin@comicattack.net
Every Monday Kristin will take a look at a genre of comics from across the sea: the world of Manga and Anime! Join her as she covers this ever growing aspect of the comic book realm; she’ll discuss everything from comics, TV shows, video games, movies, creators, voice actors, and maybe even a touch of Eastern culture! Open a lunch box of otaku fun every Monday!

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews
by the ComicAttack.net staff
Each Tuesday our journalists review the previous week’s stash of new comics (usually 30+) title by title in 140 characters or less! You’ve never seen comic book reviews like these before!


Comics Are My Religion
by Jeff Jackson: jeff@comicattack.net
Comic books and religion are inextricably linked. With the numerous religiously-themed comics out there, and even the ones that aren’t overtly religious, comic fans get a nice dose of theology whether they know it or not. Join Jeff each month as he looks into the connections between religion and comics and what comics have to teach us about life, the sacred, the not-so-sacred, and everything in between. All faiths, non-faiths, opinions, and ideas are welcome here!

Ink Stains
by Ken Meyer Jr: ken@comicattack.net
On the 1st of each month, you can dive into the world of the fanzines of the 60s, 70s, and 80s with artist Ken Meyer Jr. See pre-professional work from artists such as John Byrne, Barry Windsor-Smith, Berni Wrightson, Brent Anderson, Dave Cockrum, and many many more. A precursor to black and white comics and mini-comics, the fanzines of this era are incredibly hard to find and can be very expensive. However, for a nominal fee…ok, for nothing!, Ken will showcase a specific issue of a fanzine each column and provide a link to the pdf of the whole package! Travel back in time to see some of your favorite pros when they were still just fans!

The Comics Console
by Andrew Hurst: andrewhurst@comicattack.net
Join Andrew every Thursday for the most serious weekly look at comic book based video games on the planet Earth! That’s right, Thursday is game day with The Hurst as he throws around his opinions on recent news, developments , and happenings concerning the video games that comic fans care about. With reviews and discussions from all across the map of comics gaming history, Andrew is here to praise the good and embarrass the bad. So open up the cartridge slot and blow hard! You’re playing The Comics Console!

This Comic Is History
by Eli Anthony: eli@comicattack.net
This Column will showcase a comic or story line that was influenced by, or directly features, history in some way. Whether it’s a book that’s set against a background of World War II, or a comic that’s purely about a historical event, we’ll take a look at it here. This Comic Is History alternates monthly with Sequential History.

Ye Olde School Cafe
by Billy Dunleavy: billy@comicattack.net
Every Saturday Billy will provide a review of a comic book, graphic novel, or story arc that debuted prior to 1990. He’ll discuss the highlights of the work while giving his own opinions, perspective, and analysis!


Crisis of Infinite Reviews
by Arnab Pradhan: arnab@comicattack.net
Each week Arnab reviews all the new DC comics from his pull list! Participate in discussion about what went down!

Deep Discussions with Decapitated Dan
by Decapitated Dan: decapitateddan@comicattack.net
Join our headless host as he interviews (mostly via podcast!) the hottest horror comics writers and artists in the industry! Plus, he’ll usually review some of their books too. So check out the podcast or just read the interviews!

Gotta Have It!
by Aron White: aron@comicattack.net
Every Saturday join Aron for the Gotta Have It! Figure Edition where he reviews some of the hottest figures on the shelves! Sometime he’ll surprise us with a Statue/Bust Edition, where he’ll give you the 411 on the statues and busts based on your favorite comic characters. Also, stop by to get the word on upcoming releases!

Marvel Snapshot
by Billy Dunleavy: billy@comicttack.net
This weekly article is published every Sunday when Billy will provide his candid take on the state of the Marvel Universe!

The Uncanny X-Piles
by Spiderman Geek: spidermangeek@comicattack.net , Jeff Jackson: jeff@comicattack.net , & Infinite Speech: infinitespeech@comicattack.net
Join X-fanatics Spiderman Geek, Jeff, & Infinite Speech as as they review each new X-Men themed comic (or any comic with a relevant mutant in it) every week! SNIKT!

Character Spotlight
by Billy Dunleavy: billy@comicattack.net & Dr. Alexander: drbustos@comicattack.net
This article gives you an in depth look at various characters as Billy covers Marvel characters and Dr. Alexander sheds some light on DC’s finest!


Touring the Cosmos
by Mike Parente: mike@comicattack.net
Both the DC and Marvel Universes are full of rich and exciting characters; colorful ring-wielders, starry-caped crusaders, and device handling tyrants are just a few of the terms that can be used to describe some of the cosmic characters of both universes. These characters tend to have fewer spotlights than our web-slingers or caped crusaders despite featuring a plethora of thrilling stories. Every other Tuesday in Touring the Cosmos, Mike will be the captain of your intergalactic voyage as he covers one of the big cosmic crossovers, a single monthly comic involving our beloved star travelers, or shines the starlight on one of these powerful cosmic beings!

From Friendly Ghosts to Gamma Rays
by Drew McCabe: drew@comicattack.net
Every other Friday, Drew will take a look at the wide variety of youth-themed comics, from today to yesteryear, from comic books to comic strips and everything in-between!

Stay Tooned Sundays
by Nick Zamora: nickz@comicattack.net
Stay tuned every other Sunday as Nick dives into the world of comic inspired TV.  Come along as he examines everything from cartoons to live action shows and even animated DVD movies. Find out what shows you should be watching, need to skip or may have missed the boat on. Get the info on must see episodes, memorable moments and choice casting. Nick will let you know what’s good, what’s bad and what’s down right awesome!



Sequential History
by Eli Anthony: eli@comicattack.net
Yes, these little books we’re addicted to have a long and broad history. This column focuses on that history and the changes that have led the industry to where it is now. Sequential History alternates monthly with This Comic Is History.

Those Who Came Before
by Eli Anthony: eli@comicattack.net
This Column will spotlight a creator who made their comic debut prior to 1990. This could be a writer, artist, or anyone else who made a career out of being a comic book creator!

Web Comic of the Month
by Eli Anthony: eli@comicattack.net
Every month, Eli will spotlight a different web comic that’s out there on the internet! He’ll have some pictures of the comic itself, and information and interviews with the comics’ creators!


Cosplayer Spotlight
by Andy Liegl: andy@comicattack.net
A closer, honorable, look at people who dress as their favorite characters from comics, video games, anime, television and movies! What motivates these people? What does it take to be a cosplayer? Here Andy will interview an enthusiastic cosplayer to get a unique take on the pop culture phenomenon, plus photos galore!


Inside Comics
by Jeff Balke: Jeffbalke@comicattack.net
Are you really wanting to know what goes on inside comics; the making of them, the “drama,” how to break in and so on? Well, Jeff can tell you some of his experiences along with the good and bad of how they all went. What is it like to get ready for a show? or signing? What’s the work process and schedule like? Pretty much most anything you ever wanted to know about the “behind the scenes” of the comic universe will be covered here!

Retroactive Continuity
by Tom McNeely: tom@comicattack.net
Take a trip into the dusty basement of comics history! Tom digs deep into odd events, publication anomalies, strange synchronicities, little-known events, and even reviews of older story arcs!

Unsung Characters of Comicdom
by Josh Jones: josh@comicattack.net
Join Josh as he showcases an obscure character or team from the comic book world. Featured heroes and villains are from virtually unknown titles from major and independent publishers. They’re acknowledged with a profile containing background info and Josh’s unique style of commentary. Supporting characters that have evaded the limelight will also receive honorable mention in this column!

Wacky Comic Wednesday
by Andy Liegl: andy@comicattack.net & Josh Jones: josh@comicattack.net
Every so often on a Wednesday Josh or Andy provides in-depth coverage on a comic book that is so wacky you’d only find it in a quarter bin! They’ll provide a review of the book, a brief history on the publisher, bios of the creators, and his own pointed commentary on these wacky comics that have been all but forgotten by a modern audience!