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Marvel Announces ‘New Mutants: Dead Souls’ Limited Series!

December 1, 2017—Who are the best heroes to bring together when paranormal events need investigating? Fans will find out in NEW MUTANTS: DEAD SOULS, a six-issue limited series debuting this March from superstar creative team ...
by InfiniteSpeech


Character Spotlight: Warlock

Has self ever looked at the stars and wondered if there is life out there? In comics, it’s a fact that we are not alone in the universe. Heroes from different species and planets reside with humanity on Earth. Warlock is ...
by Dr. Bustos


Contest of Champions Live Episode #31: Namor vs. Protector

Welcome to Season 2 of the internet’s only superhero fight podcast, Contest of Champions Live! Each week, your hosts the Clobberin’ Comic Book Clergyman and the Canadian Capekiller referee between a group of comp...
by Jeff



X-Men Power Rankings #50-#47

Hey there Comic Attackers! If you’re like me you can never get enough X-Men. Yet, there are so many mutants out there that they’ve become incredibly hard to keep track of, let alone stay up to date on what their current pow...
by Andy