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Comic Attack’s Top 5 of 2017 Fan Poll!

[Editor’s Note: THE POLLS HAVE CLOSED! Results coming soon!] Welcome to 2017’s greatest year end event! The Comic Attack Top 5 Fan Poll where the fandom makes their voices heard. This has been a rough year for many ...
by InfiniteSpeech


Comic Attack’s Top 5 of 2016 Fan Poll Results!

The fans have spoken and the results are in as we close out our Top 5 of 2016 Fan Poll! There were some tough choices in every category and even with five votes each it was hard to settle on who to pick. But in the end it l...
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Comic’s Top 5 of 2016 Fan Poll!

It’s that time of year when those ‘Best Of’ lists begin to pop up but let’s be honest, there’s really no one true “best” when it comes to most of these categories we see. The comic book...
by InfiniteSpeech