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Ink Stains 100: SpaFon 5

The hundredth column! Befitting that milestone, feast your eyes on…Spa Fon 5, featuring Frazetta, Steranko, Kaluta, Wrightson, Frank Brunner, and many more! Spa Fon 5: September 1969 Publisher and primary editor: Rich Hau...
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Ink Stains 95: Infinity 3

If there was one fanzine that epitomized the term, “artzine,” it was Infinity, with issue three containing Jeff Jones, Berni Wrightson, Frank Brunner, Michael Kaluta and much more! Infinity 3: 1971 Editors and publi...
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Ink Stains 65: Wonderful World of Comix 6

The gang’s all here! Some of fandom’s best appear in The Wonderful World of Comix 6.   The Wonderful World of Comix 6, 1971 Publisher and editors: Neal Pozner with Scott Harris On my trip up to the Rose City Co...
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Ink Stains 53: Scream Door 1

Scream Door had one of the coolest fanzine names ever, as well as great artists such as Berni Wrightson, Michael Kaluta, and more! Scream Door 1: 1971 Publishers: Mark Feldman and Robert Lewis Scream Door was aptly named, since...
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Ink Stains 52: MCR 4

In addition to great art by Kline, Corben, Pinkoski, and others, MCR had it’s own little controversy inside the pages…read about it! MCR 4: 1971 Editor/Publisher: John J. McLaughlin MCR, or Modern Collector’s ...
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Ink Stains 49: This is Legend 1

Want to see early Wrightson, Kaluta, and more? This is Legend gives it to you! This is Legend 1: 1970 Editor/Publisher: Richard L. Jennings With a name like This is Legend, you had better be sure you have the ammo to back up th...
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Ink Stains 28: Abyss 1

Abyss 1 Abyss Publications, November 1970 If you like the great EC comics of the past, or the similar publications that came later, you will love Abyss! Abyss is composed of stories that were originally intended for the short l...
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Ink Stains 24: Reality 2

What kind of 15-year-old could wrangle Bernie Wrightson, Michael Kaluta, Reed Crandall, Howard Chaykin, Larry Todd, Kenneth Smith, Frank Brunner, and others to contribute to his fanzine? Robert Gerson, that’s who! This mo...
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Ink Stains 11: Infinity 5

For the biggest names and the best artists, you could do no better than Infinity. With each issue the production got more lavish and more professional, culminating with issue 5, the final issue. Fans of Neal Adams, Richard Corb...
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