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Ink Stains 85: Project One

Away from the present day, into the past day…Gene Day and Project One! Project One: 1975 Publisher: William McMichael, Editor: George Breo This column will be slightly different than preceding installments. Since this fan...
by kenmeyerjr


Ken Meyer Jr.’s Top 20 Art Pieces!

Many of our readers here at may not know that Ken Meyer Jr., our Ink Stains columnist, is a well published artist throughout the comic book and gaming industries. He’s worked on comics and art pieces for n...
by Andy


Ink Stains 25: 1970 Jim Steranko Portfolio

The ultimate stylist. Magician, designer, illustrator, painter, writer, and all around coolest man in comics. Jim Steranko. It’s all Jim, all the time…50 pages worth! Jim Steranko Portfolio, 1970 Editor and publishe...
by kenmeyerjr



Ink Stains 12: The Star Slayers

Galactic Heroes! Planet-shattering battles! Epic frontiers! The Star Slayers! All this in a 13 issue series, produced every three weeks, by fanzine kingpin/writer Matt Bucher and multiple artists, including yours truly! The Sta...
by kenmeyerjr