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Ink Stains 67a: Chronicle 1

  George S. Breo produced a real quality fanzine back in the early seventies called Chronicle. His zine featured early work by Byrne, Sakai, Chuck Dixon, and others. Let’s see issue one! Chronicle 1: 1972 Publisher/...
by kenmeyerjr


Ink Stains 102: Chronicle 3

Chronicle 3: March, 1973 Publisher and editor: George Breo Welcome to the 102nd installment of Ink Stains! Man, it does not seem like I have done over a hundred of these suckers, but I guess print (or the internet?) don’t...
by kenmeyerjr


Ink Stains 47: Fantastic Fanzine Special 2

It’s time once again for Gary Groth’s great Fantastic Fanzine, specifically the Special numbah two! Fantastic Fanzine Special 2: February 1972 Editor: Gary Groth, Publisher: Alan Light Welcome back after Christmas b...
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Ink Stains 71: Comic Crusader 5 and 6

  Not one but TWO issues of Martin Greim’s Comic Crusader! Comic Crusader 5 and 6: 1969 Editor and publisher: Martin L. Greim Comic Crusader is one of those fanzines that really exhibited a real love for fandom and ...
by kenmeyerjr