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Marvel Reviews: Secret Empire: Brave New World #2

Secret Empire: Brave New World #2 Publisher: Marvel Writer(s): Rodney Barnes, Fabian Nicieza, Paul Allor Artist(s): Juan M. Frigeri, Will Robson, Brian Level Colorist(s): Erick Arciniega, Tamra Bonvillain, Jordan Boyd Cover:...
by InfiniteSpeech


Marvel Snapshot: Character Spotlight: Domino

Hello and welcome to another edition of Marvel Snapshot! In this week’s column, I’ll be spotlighting one of my favorite female characters in – Domino! Yes, that beautiful siren that also resembles Petey from t...
by Billy


Marvel Snapshot: Character Spotlight: Deadpool (Wade Wilson)

Welcome back everyone, and get ready for another week here in Marvel Snapshot. This week, we’ll be looking at another great character spotlight on Deadpool! I know he’s a little underused…well, anyway, he̵...
by Billy



Wacky Comic Wednesday: NFL SuperPro #2

Hey there ComicAttackers! Welcome to the second edition of Wacky Comic Wednesday! Considering the NFL season is now in full swing (Go Bills! Go Falcons!), I thought it appropriate to feature a comic that deals with football. I...
by Andy