New York Comic Con 2011: The Experience!

Have you ever heard the phrase “A deer in the headlights”? Well, after attending the Big Apple Comic Con a few years ago, and the Lehigh Valley Comic Con several times, I thought I was ready for anything. Well, gues...
by Billy


Free Comic Book Day 2010 Silver Line-Up

Last time we covered the Gold line-up of books to be released on May 1, 2010: Free Comic Book Day! Today, on this the final day of the regular NFL 2009 season, we take a look at the Silver line-up of comics. There’s a lot...
by Andy
13’s Staff Picks the Top 5 of 2009

We here at want to send you off into the New Year by knowing what we thought were the big stand out titles of 2009. We encourage you to share with everyone what your favorites were this past year. Here’s ho...
by DecapitatedDan



Albany Comic Con 5!

On April 25th I was able to attend the Albany Comic Con and had a great time as usual at this ever expanding six hour event!  It’s pretty much host to some of the best local talent and industry greats past and present, y...
by InfiniteSpeech


Mike Raicht and Brian Smith talk ‘The Stuff of Legend!’

The Stuff of Legend, published by Th3rd World Studios, is easily the indie surprise title of the year, and a valued favorite of mine. It’s a story where a child is abducted by the Boogey Man, taken into an evil realm, and...
by Andy


Th3rd World Studios Reviews: Omega Chase #2

Publisher: Th3rd World Studios Writer: Keith Dallas Artist: Julio Molina-Muscara Cover: Steven Cummings “Tribal Council”: Mack Baron has some serious issues as of late. He doesn’t know why he keeps having visi...
by InfiniteSpeech
8’s Best of 2015 Comic List & Fan Poll!

Once again it’s that time of year for our Best Of… Fan Poll where YOU decide who comes out in the top five in each category! After submissions taken from the staff and fan emails you’ve got a lot to ch...
by InfiniteSpeech


Th3rd World Studios Advanced Review: The Pack #1

The Pack #1 Publisher: Th3rd World Studios Written By: Mike Raicht Art By: Daniel Faccilongo Let’s cut to the chase with this review: The Pack is a wickedly swank werewolf comic that horror fans will dig. The first issue...
by Drew


The Stuff of Legend #2 Preview

If you haven’t already read The Stuff of Legend #1 published by Th3rd World Studios, I advise you to not scroll down and view the preview shots, but to pay your local comic shop a visit and pick it up immediately. I vow o...
by Andy



Th3rd World Studios Reviews: Omega Chase #1 Review

Publisher: Th3rd World Studios Writer: Keith Dallas Artist: Julio Molina-Muscara Cover:  Steven Cummings & Ganbat Badamkhand Release Date: October 2007 “High Noon With the Undead”: I’m upset with myself f...
by InfiniteSpeech


Th3rd World Studios Reviews: The Stuff of Legend: The Jungle #1

After months of anticipation we are finally presented with the opportunity to read the next chapter of Mike Raicht, Brian Smith, and Charles Paul Wilson III’s original and enticing tale, The Stuff of Legend! The series is...
by Andy


Talking the Good ‘Stuff’ with Charles Paul Wilson III

About a month ago, I spoke very highly of Th3rd World Studios’ The Stuff of Legend and interviewed the writers of the book, Mike Raicht and Brian Smith. Today we get to sit down with Stuff’s talented artist, Charles...
by Andy