Ink Stains 15: Fantastic Fanzine 12

Gary Groth is known as a lightning rod in the comics community, and was the editor and guiding light of The Comics Journal for many years…but he had to start somewhere, and Fantastic Fanzine is that somewhere! Fantastic F...
by kenmeyerjr


Ink Stains 7: Rick McCollum

There were few minds as feverish or pens as prolific as Rick McCollum.  You will see why this artist and writer can arguably be given the mantle of the Kirby of the fanzine world! New Wave Heroes 1-3, Superhero Terror 1-7, Omn...
by kenmeyerjr


The 2010 Eisner Award Nominations

It’s that time again, Comic Attackers!  That’s right, Eisner Award season is upon us.  Each year, the best of the best and some of the rest are awarded for their excellence in the comic book industry. May I have t...
by Aron



Ink Stains 33: Fantastic Fanzine 13

As you know by now, Gary Groth’s Fantastic Fanzine was one of the best of its kind. Issue 13 is no exception, featuring art by Dave Cockrum, Berni Wrightson, Don Newton, and more! Fantastic Fanzine 13: 1971 Publisher and ...
by kenmeyerjr


Ink Stains 23: Fantastic Fanzine 11

Face Front, kiddos! It’s a Jim Steranko special and Fantastic Fanzine 11! Fantastic Fanzine 11, 1970 Editor and Publisher: Gary Groth Those of you that have read this column from the start know that one of my favorite fa...
by kenmeyerjr


Ink Stains 47: Fantastic Fanzine Special 2

It’s time once again for Gary Groth’s great Fantastic Fanzine, specifically the Special numbah two! Fantastic Fanzine Special 2: February 1972 Editor: Gary Groth, Publisher: Alan Light Welcome back after Christmas b...
by kenmeyerjr



From Friendly Ghosts to Gamma Rays: Marvel/Timely, Prince Valiant and the Atom!

Welcome to this week’s From Friendly Ghosts to Gamma Rays! I hope everyone had a great holiday filled with such nerdtastic items as Land Of The Lost Sleestak bobbleheads, Animal Boxing for the Nintendo DS, and DVDs like t...
by Drew
8’s Top 10 Kids Titles of 2010!

Welcome to our final installment of Friendly Ghosts to Gamma Rays until the first week of January 2011. I’m going on a little winter break here, heading down to Florida and away from snowy Buffalo until next year. Its be...
by Drew


Bento Bako Lite: December 2010 Previews

Well, the year is almost over! This is the last Diamond Previews catalog of the year: December 2010 Previews. Once again I have combed the pages to find the best and most interesting manga (and related) items inside, doing the ...
by Kristin



Film Fatale: Ghost World

Ghost World was written and illustrated by Daniel Clowes and published by Fantagraphics Books in 1997. Set in the 90’s in an unnamed town, the story follows the lives and happenings of two teenage girls post high school. ...
by The Movie Lady


Ink Stains 18: Always comes Twilight

No, this is not about the kiddie vampire movie. It’s a fanzine from 1976 with art by Dennis Fujitake, Gary Kato, Robert Kline, Clyde Caldwell and much more! Again…no vampires! Always Comes Twilight 1: 1976 Editor: D...
by kenmeyerjr


Ink Stains 64: Word Balloons 1

In the fanzine world, Gary Groth is known for Fantastic Fanzine, but don’t forget Word Balloons! Word Balloons 1, March, 1974 Editor and Publisher: Gary Groth Those of you that are old codgers like myself, or that follow ...
by kenmeyerjr