Dark Horse Previews: Axe Cop vol. 1

Coming out this Wednesday, December 22nd, from Dark Horse is Axe Cop vol. 1! Written by Malachai Nicolle, with art by Ethan Nicolle, Axe Cop is a zany sci-fi/fantasy/comedy about a team of alien/robot/monster fighting good gu...
by Andy


Web Comic of the Month: Mint Condition

For this month’s Web Comic of the Month, we’re featuring Mint Condition, by John Harmon. It’s an awesome black and white web comic that John updates Mondays and Thursdays. Mint Condition is funny, with a blend...
by Eli


ComicAttack.net’s Best of 2015 Comic List & Fan Poll!

Once again it’s that time of year for our Best Of… Fan Poll where YOU decide who comes out in the top five in each category! After submissions taken from the CA.net staff and fan emails you’ve got a lot to ch...
by InfiniteSpeech



Webcomic of the Month! August: DAR!

Welcome back to Webcomic of the Month! This time around we got Erika Moen‘s NSFW autobiographical comic series DAR! As explained in the header image, the word is just a serendipitous event that lead to the name of a comic...
by Dr. Bustos


Touring the Cosmos: Grace Comes Home: Stormfront

Grace Comes Home is one intense ride. For mature readers only, it was originally released as a ten issue webcomic by publisher DarkBrain. Collecting all ten issues, plus a bunch of extra pin-up art, Grace Comes Home: Stormfront...
by mike


Webcomic of the Month! May: Let’s Be Friends Again

Welcome back to Webcomic of the Month, and this month we have a long time favorite of mine, Let’s Be Friends Again! Currently it isn’t updating, but I hope that hiatus ends sooner than later. Since it’s not up...
by Dr. Bustos



Bento Bako Lite: April 2010 Previews

Howdy, my loyal lunch boxers!  What a haul I found this month!  I’ve got a pile of things to recommend to you, though you will have to excuse a few non-strictly otaku related items today.  I think you’ll find all...
by Kristin


WonderCon! 2012 Part 1

  This past weekend, WonderCon was in Anaheim, California, and I made my way there and it was absolutely worth it. WonderCon has a San Diego Comic Con vibe, but nowhere near the crowds or intensity. I was able to talk to j...
by Dr. Bustos


Dark Horse Reviews: Dr. McNinja: Time Fist

Dr. McNinja: Time Fist Writer: Christopher Hastings Artist: Christopher Hastings (Army of One Inker: Kent Archer) Colors: Anthony Clark Cover: Carly Monardo Stolen Pizza, Stolen Lives Writer: Malachai Nicolle Artists: Christoph...
by Dr. Bustos



From Friendly Ghosts To Gamma Rays: Bravoman, Super Dinosaur and Peanuts!

From Friendly Ghosts To Gamma Rays, No. 90: Woo-hoo, hoo-hoo-hoo! —————————————————————— Bravom...
by Drew


The 2010 Eisner Award Nominations

It’s that time again, Comic Attackers!  That’s right, Eisner Award season is upon us.  Each year, the best of the best and some of the rest are awarded for their excellence in the comic book industry. May I have t...
by Aron


Heavy Metal Previews: Gates

Heavy Metal is premiering their first ever digital comic for free on January 1, 2011 at this link! It’s a sci-fi story called Gates, and is written/illustrated by Hal Hefner (no relation). Check out some cover art and pin...
by Andy