Andrea Grant to be Featured on G4!

Andrea Grant, the President and founder of Copious Amounts Press, will be featured on G4’s Women of the Web 2 which airs this Wednesday, December 30th at 7pm EST. The show claims to find the hottest, sexiest, and most plu...
by Andy


The 2010 Eisner Award Nominations

It’s that time again, Comic Attackers!  That’s right, Eisner Award season is upon us.  Each year, the best of the best and some of the rest are awarded for their excellence in the comic book industry. May I have t...
by Aron


Bento Bako Lite: April 2010 Previews

Howdy, my loyal lunch boxers!  What a haul I found this month!  I’ve got a pile of things to recommend to you, though you will have to excuse a few non-strictly otaku related items today.  I think you’ll find all...
by Kristin



Web Comic of the Month: The Retriever

Welcome to the first Web Comic of the Month! On the 3rd of every month I’ll feature a different comic from the internet. There are many different varieties of comics to be found online, offered in several styles. Some are...
by Eli


Indy Gems: Interview with Twilight Uprisings!

I recently had an opportunity to get a Q & A session in with the guys over at Twighlight Uprisings (Adam De Oliveira, Mark Clark II and Rob Pincay) who produce the excellent web comic The Devils Horn; if you guys think of ...
by admin


Web Comic of the Month: Mint Condition

For this month’s Web Comic of the Month, we’re featuring Mint Condition, by John Harmon. It’s an awesome black and white web comic that John updates Mondays and Thursdays. Mint Condition is funny, with a blend...
by Eli



Web Comic of the Month: Wayward Sons: Legends

For our August Web Comic of the Month, we’re looking at Wayward Sons: Legends, by Benny R. Powell, Weilin Yang, Youjun Yang, and Kun Song. This is a full color comic, updated Monday through Friday, every week. Structured ...
by Eli
8’s Best of 2015 Comic List & Fan Poll!

Once again it’s that time of year for our Best Of… Fan Poll where YOU decide who comes out in the top five in each category! After submissions taken from the staff and fan emails you’ve got a lot to ch...
by InfiniteSpeech


Web Comic of the Month: Across the Multiverse

This month we’re looking at a comic that doesn’t have super heroes and costumes, but does have its share of heroes nonetheless. In fact, its even got time traveling. Yes, time travel! Across the Multiverse by Mike H...
by Eli



Web Comic of the Month: City Limits

Welcome to the Web Comic of the Month! On the 3rd of each month I’ll bring you a web comic that deserves to be recognized. Well, at least in exchange for the $5 bribe that I’ve extorted from its creators. This month...
by Eli


From Friendly Ghosts To Gamma Rays: Remembering Frazetta, Re-Evolution, Jetta and Josie!

Hiyah! Kiyah! Wah-cha!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that we’ve all practiced our ninja-noises, hello and welcome to this week’s From Friendly Ghosts To Gamma Rays! We have a jam packed week here for you, so lets just jump right ...
by Drew


Web Comic of the Month: Theater Hopper

For this month’s Web Comic of the Month we’ve got a strip that features both normal humans, and superheroes–Theater Hopper. Brought to us by Tom Brazelton, this is a movie-themed comic that’s been going ...
by Eli