Signed Hell Yeah #1 & original Glory Sketch by Ross Campbell Giveaway!

4/11/2012 And the winners are…. First place: Rian Miller – Facebook Second place: Meg Graham – Site Comment Third place: @ddorr22000 – Twitter Please email me your addresses so we can send you your prize...
by Tarini


Ink Stains 4: No Sex 14

No Sex 14 (1980) Publisher: David Heath Jr. No Sex can be summed up using a blurb from this issue’s contents page, which said “No Sex Fanzine is published in order to provide fans of sf and fantasy with a vehicle to hav...
by kenmeyerjr


Contest Announcement: The Sam Humphries Surprise prize package giveaway!

Editor’s Note [5/20/2012]: The winners of The Sam Humphries Surprize prize package giveaway are: 1st: Troy Kinney (Facebook) 2nd: Mike Lombard (Twitter) 3rd: Jess Burke (Facebook) Winners, please email your mailing addres...
by Andy



Ink Stains 15: Fantastic Fanzine 12

Gary Groth is known as a lightning rod in the comics community, and was the editor and guiding light of The Comics Journal for many years…but he had to start somewhere, and Fantastic Fanzine is that somewhere! Fantastic F...
by kenmeyerjr


Ink Stains 17: Graphic Illusions

Sometimes the best art comes in small – or in this case, thin – publications. Graphic Illusions boasted some pretty big name artists in its only issue. Graphic Illusions, Summer 1971 Editor and Publisher: Rob Gustav...
by kenmeyerjr


Ink Stains 1: The Collector 27

Before I start this column proper, I thought I should introduce myself to all of you. My name is Ken Meyer Jr. Some of you may know my work as penciler on the Clint the Hamster Triumphant comic of the late 80’s, the stori...
by kenmeyerjr



Dark Horse Reviews: Star Wars: Blood Ties #1

Star Wars: Blood Ties #1 Writer: Tom Taylor Artist: Chris Scalf Publisher: Dark Horse Comics I ran a preview of this book last week and happily, I wasn’t disappointed with this issue! It was a fast read though- seriously,...
by Andy


Marvel Reviews: DoomWar #6

Publisher: Marvel Writer: Jonathan Maberry Artist: Scot Eaton Cover: John Romita Jr. “DoomWar pt. 6”: When you’re reading one of the best written and drawn stories in the past several months, the hardest thing...
by InfiniteSpeech


Movie Mondays: 2012: A Look Forward

Last year, while decent, was not the best year for comic book films. Or films in general. However, I think this year might be a kick ass year for films. If not amazing, than at least a year where studios take some big gambles a...
by AHudson



Marvel Snapshot: New Year’s Resolutions

Hello and welcome to another week here in Marvel Snapshot! I’d like to start out by saying Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you had a great 2011. This week I’ll be talking briefly about what I think Marvel̵...
by Billy


Contest Announcment: The BOOM! Studios “Extermination” #1 Prize Package Giveaway!

[UPDATE 6/25/2012] The winners have been drawn! Please email your mailing information to with “EXTERMINATION CONTEST” in the subject. The winners are: 1st Place: Larry Whittaker (article comm...
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Ink Stains 26: Venture 5

Venture was a training ground and showcase for some big names in comics, including Brent Anderson, Frank Cirocco, Gary Winnick, and in this issue, Jeff Jones, Alex Nino, Neal Adams, Tom Orzechowski, and Steve Oliff. Venture 5: ...
by kenmeyerjr