Inside Comics: Why Coloring?

I’ve been asked at different cons and signings, “Why did you choose to color over being an artist?”  How much do artists, colorists, inkers, and writers make?  What is the best way to get my work out there f...
by jeffbalke


Inside Comics: The Beginning

Well hello there. My name is Jeff Balke (a comic book colorist) and new columnist for I’m going to be writing about the inner looks of comics and everything that comes with that. Well, most everything. In...
by jeffbalke


Inside Comics: Colorists as Lighting Directors?

Over the past few years (mostly the past 1-2) colorists have been more and more in the spotlight.  Why is this?  You know about the illustrators (of course), inkers, letterers, and writers.  But the people who really never g...
by jeffbalke



Inside Comics: Working Freelance

I’ll be honest: being a freelance artist of any kind is really awesome!  BUT, there are some “bumps in the road” you need to watch out for.  And unfortunately, they happen everyday. When you’re looking...
by jeffbalke


Inside Comics: Check Out MY Portfolio!

One of the best things about the comic book business is that there is SO much talent in out there, it always brings new and upcoming artists and their work out into the open.  If you want people to see your work, you can post ...
by jeffbalke


NYCC 2013: J. Michael Straczynski’s Writers Workshop

One of the events that took place at New York Comic Con this past weekend was a writers workshop moderated by J. Michael Straczynski. Now, since we couldn’t be everywhere at once we received some help in the form of guest...
by InfiniteSpeech