March 29, 2013

Indie Previews: Luna: Order of The Werewolf

Luna: Order of The Werewolf
Publisher: Famous Monsters of Filmland
Writers: Mark Miller & Martin Fisher
Artist: Tim Rees
Colors: Javi Laparra

The species of werewolf is dying out due to the constant hunting down of their kind by humans. They flee to the mountains of South America, and specifically to an old monastery called “Luna.” A peaceful, religious life they lead, but there are some that still want to live the life of a hunter, with anything on the menu, even human flesh and blood! Mark Miller (Grimm Fairy Tales: The Jungle Book, Hellraiser) and Tim Rees (FutureQuake) have teamed up to bring a new take on the werewolf sub-genre with this slick new story about werewolves living in solitude, but after a mountain climber is killed right outside their doors, everything begins to spiral out of control!

First things first. This was originally slated to be a mini-series coming out late 2012. It’s been communicated to me from the writer that the story will now be released as a graphic novel in late spring/early summer 2013. That is probably the best way to go anyways, let’s face it. Most stories read much better that way, especially mini-series. Miller did a great job in creating this feeling that these werewolves were all about peace and tranquility in the beginning. The mystery killer is another great angle, too, and that is something you don’t always get in a horror/werewolf story. So overall a solid story with a hint of mystery, some hardcore death scenes, and a pinch of humor, too.

The artwork was pretty sharp on most of the panels. A couple of panels seemed slightly rushed, but nothing really crazy that was distracting or anything. The werewolves themselves looked pretty cool when they were transformed, but you really don’t get to see a ton of that in the first two chapters. The people and settings were pretty good in both chapters, but one thing that was crazy was in chapter two, in the first couple of pages where a man that has been infected bites off the head of a rabbit. Now, that’s normally a good thing, but it appears that the rabbit’s nuts are between his front legs, rather than the rear legs. Again, cool panel except for that minor oddity.

So basically, if you’re looking for a werewolf book to order that has a different take on the beasts, along with solid artwork, this is the one to look out for. Miller has a good track record, and anyone that’s read The Jungle Book knows it! Rating 4/5

Billy Dunleavy



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