March 23, 2013

Valiant Reviews: Harbinger #10

Harbinger #10
Publisher: Valiant
Story: Joshua Dysart
Art: Matthew Clark, Alvaro Martinez, Dimi Macheras, and Brian Thies

I’ll put this right out here at the top of the review: this issue is a 5 out 5 stars! Even at its simplest , issue 10 of Harbinger is amazing, not pausing for a breath as its pulse pounding story soars through the pages, giving a big pay off of what has built up over the past 10 issues, as well as setting us up for the upcoming Harbinger Wars story line.

This issue picks up right where things last left off, with Peter being freed by Faith after he was captured. They develop a game plan quickly for Peter to take out the guys in his transport helicopter as Faith follows them, then they’ll worry about saving the other three in the group in the other transport. From here the action accelerates to a lightning speed pace, always entertaining as it is well written, as our group makes their escape and prepares.

Everything about this issue worked like magic. After issue #9’s focus on Faith, it was great to see her become more a part of the group’s importance, both emotionally and action wise here, making us love her character even more. It was also great to see Peter even in a dark hour taking a second to try and mess with the head of Tull when asked why he never kills him, giving us a great humor beat in the midst of all the action. All these moments written in here by Dysart when combined with the slam-bang action provided a great story that’s built up on everything thus far, and gives us everything one could want from this title. The shared art duties by Clark, Martinez, Macheras, and Thies connect together like a charm to compliment Dysart’s writing, making this one big happy high five of an issue.

Impressed and doubly impressed that Valiant has been able to rock out for so long with their reb0ot without hitting a speed a bump; everything they are producing is so good right now. You can give someone 52 issues a month or make it “Now!”, but the Big 2 could learn a thing about quality storytelling by taking a step back and looking at Valiant’s golden output this year.

Harbinger #10 is out now in print and digital.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Drew McCabe



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