March 23, 2013

Titan Books Review: Everybody Loves Tank Girl


Everybody Loves Tank Girl
Publisher: Titan Books
Writer: Alan C. Martin
Artist: Jim Mahfood

I was introduced to Tank Girl as a kid through the movie that was only tangentially tied to the comics it was based off of. It was enough to get me into reading the character over the years. It was weird and wild stories with art that matched, so it was perfect for a young kid. As I grew I would find different Tank Girl stories and continue enjoying the series of a woman, her tank, and her kangaroo boyfriend. I haven’t had a chance to read much Tank Girl since The Gifting, which came out in 2007, so I was glad to get to read Everybody Loves Tank Girl. Did the book live up to my past adventures with Tank Girl? Let’s find out.

Everybody Loves Tank Girl is still being written by Alan Martin, the original writer, and this time he has Jim Mahfood joining him to provide the bizarre visuals, and Mahfood does a great job. His work reminds me of when I read the series back in the 90s, the version which Tank Girl will always be for me. I enjoyed the alternating stories of black-and-white and color; some of the colors are really just used to make the work more psychedelic.

The plots are all over the place, with Tank Girl trying to save a jerk of a kid named Feldman Haim; Booga’s factory; fighting some gross gangs; and (my favorite) making Tank Girl 2 to just name a few of the stories in this volume. Sometimes you just get some poetry, which ranges from the silly to the sweet. The intro is a fun piece from Dr. Booga at the beginning, and if you know anything of Booga, you know that is worth taking a look at.

If you are a Tank Girl fan, you will probably get this book because it’s a given. If you are new to Tank Girl, I think you could still start here just fine, just know that it’s probably going to be a weirder trip for you, but this is pretty regular territory for the series. I enjoyed the book and loved getting to hang out with Tank Girl, Booga, and the rest of this weird Australian bunch.

Alexander Bustos

A copy of this volume was provided by Titan Books for review.



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