March 11, 2013

Valiant Reviews: Shadowman #5

Shadowman #5
Publisher: Valiant
Writer: Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher
Art: Patrick Zircher, Lee Garbett, Stefano Gaudiano, and Roberto Delatorre

Shadowman #5 hit stands last week with another action-packed issue, as it launches a new story arc and introduces us to Doctor Mirage!

Things start off hot as an assassin crashes into the home of one of the Brethren, shooting everyone up and getting his target, Brethen Gregoire Rosso, as well. The story shifts to Jack trying to lay low in a diner and make sense of the crazy week he has had. Before he knows it, Alyssa comes crashing in to find him. However, not too long after a group of hitmen out to get Jack show up and start shooting up the place, as well. Jack escapes and begins to learn the history of his legacy. Elsewhere in California, Doctor Mirage makes his introduction. Then flipping over the Deadside, Master Darque is digging up a little help.

The issue moves really fast and not in a bad way. There are plenty of great action scenes here, with the right amount of violence to please Shadowman fans. The story is rolling along nicely, and has put the pieces into place for an interesting arc. I tried to leave the above as spoiler free as possible, but some of the points that happen here will definitely be felt throughout the next few issues. For this many artists working on it, the issue looks great. Sometimes too many cooks in the kitchen can ruin an issue or make it feel like too many different types of elements are involved, however, the fusion in regards to which artist got what story section and how they fit worked out fine, and I didn’t realize it was four different guys drawing this issue until I looked at the credits. One of the most important parts of the issue is the introduction of Doctor Mirage, which will please Valiant fans. The big twist, though, is here Mirage is introduced to us in the new Valiant Universe as a female. Some old fans may not be thrilled, but it is a smart choice when considering Valiant never had a whole ton of leading ladies, mostly male characters that grabbed the titles. The new female Mirage gives it a fresh spin, as well as opening up the gender gap, and an array of new storytelling possibilities as well for the character.

Shadowman #5 is another great action-horror story, and its quality is up there with the rest of the new Valiant titles. Available now in print and digital.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Drew McCabe



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