February 19, 2013

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 02/13/13

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Written by: Arnab
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Age of Apocalypse #12 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: I dropped this title but had to read it for the Uncanny X-Piles. Damn was I impressed with how things played out here! Bravo to the creative team!
Jeff: This issue had the feeling of, “Ok, now that the big threat is over, what now?”

Ame Comi Girls: Supergirl #5 (DC)
Andy: I like this series and I don’t know why. No, I do — the eye candy art.

Archer & Armstrong #7 (Valiant)
Andy: Van Lente finds the right character beats and Emanuela Lupacchino proves her “X-Factor” work was just a warmup.
Infinite Speech: This is one title that continues to kick ass with every issue!
Jeff: Less Eternal Warrior. More Archer & Armstrong.

Avengers Arena #4 (Marvel)
Andy: Cool last page. Hope it lasts and still matters once it’s all over.
Infinite Speech: Chase just got a major upgrade!
Jeff: I’m glad they focused on Chase and Nico, but it makes me miss the entire Runaways team.

Avengers Assemble #12 (Marvel)
Andy: Black Widow was beating up those lizard people with a detached lizard person tail. That’s crazy shit!

Batman #17 (DC)
Andy: Read it for yourself — avoid spoilers!
A lot of people aren’t going to like this one, but I did, so who cares. ha. A
Infinite Speech: A bit anticlimactic BUT the last few pages really brought things home for me. Good way to close this one out.
Jeff: “…and Joker got away.” Every. Time. I was hoping Snyder would have done more with this ending.

Batman and Robin #17 (DC)
Andy: It’s the family Bat book that manages to nicely balance both themes, backed by slick art by Patrick Gleason.
Arnab: Tomasi has done a fantastic job switching from a psychotic Damian to a more likeable, relatable Damian.

Bedlam #4 (Image)
Infinite Speech: There’s not enough crazy that would make me cut off my member. None.
Jeff: I felt like I only got half of this issue. We got the connection of the murders, but very little Fillmore.

Bloodshot #8 (Valiant)
Andy: Killer action scenes by Manuel Garcia — his facial expressions are great, adding to the intensity of a bad situation.
Infinite Speech:
Bloody, visceral, and exciting! Definitely a series that should be in your collection!

Bravest Warriors #5 (BOOM! Studios)
Andy: The most genuinely funny comic book on the stands right now. An instant upper.
Dr. Bustos: I love the order these stories are put in and how weird things are about to get, that’s saying a lot for this series. A

Cable & X-Force #4 (Marvel)
Andy: Still on the fence with this book — the art keeps my interest.
Arnab: Honestly, I feel like this is one Marvel’s better team books. After All New X-Men that is. A-
Infinite Speech: Not seeing a lot of Forge in this series so I’m REALLY liking things now!
Jeff: The color palette on this book is very odd. And I don’t particularly like the way Hopeless tells the story in flashback.

Clone #4 (Image)
Andy: Oh man, this book’s a crazy read with energetic art. The stakes are high — I actually said “HOLY CRAP!” out loud.

Creepy #11 (Dark Horse)
Andy: Usually anthology issues are a mixed bag — this one’s all good. “Two Faces” wins best shock & “Mermaid” for the gold.

Cyberforce #3 (Top Cow)
Infinite Speech:
WHOA! There’s NO reason you shouldn’t be reading this FREE title from Top Cow! Thanks to all the Kickstarter backers!

Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin #2 (Dynamite)
Dr. Bustos: I’m liking the story and the art in general, but when it comes to magic, the art gets a bit lazy with the same effect for different things or just telling instead of showing. B

End Times of Bram & Ben #2 (Image)
Andy: Atheists and Evangelicals alike can rejoice in its hilariousness.
Arnab: An all around fantastic read really. Quite humorous. Also, that cover? Gorgeous. A
Jeff: Not as impressive as the first issue.

Fantastic Four #4 (Marvel)
Andy: The longer Matt Fraction makes the family angle work the better! A warming read, especially considering the season.
Jeff: Fraction continues to impress me on this book. I think he’s found his niche.

Fatale #12 (Image)
Dr. Bustos: A tale from further back than we are used to but it still carries that weight of tragedy and uneasiness. A

Garth Ennis’ Battlefields: The Fall and Rise of Anna Kharkova #4
Andy: 100 times better than the first arc. Really, really good.

Ghostbusters #1 (IDW)
Andy: As someone who’s only familiar with the movies and NES games, this was a lot of fun! Laughed at the Vigo cameo.

Katana #1 (DC Comics)
Infinite Speech:
Off to a good start and the artwork was fantastic!

Mega Man #22 (Archie)
Andy: One of the best written issues in the series. Ian Flynn has the chops to speak to kids.

Morning Glories #24 (Image)
Jeff: I am so damn sick of everyone talking in pronouns in this book! Please reveal something!!!!!

Mouse Guard: The Black Axe #6 (Archaia)
Jeff: This is how you end a prequel and set up the future of a book. Petersen is a master.

Red Sonja Unchained #1 (Dynamite)
Andy: Is it really that hard to do Red Sonja right? She’s fucking crying on the first page. #WTF

Red Sonja #73 (Dynamite)
Andy: Someone let Brian Wood write this character. Please.

Secret Avengers #1 (Marvel)
Andy: A solid start with great artwork. There are twists and turns but I could easily follow this Nick Spencer story.
Jeff: On the fence with this one. Like the premise and the story was OK. But I need more before I can make a full judgment.

Star Wars #2 (Dark Horse)
Blows #1 out of the galaxy. I love how the X-Wings get Uncanny X-Force paint jobs.
Infinite Speech:
I’m serious when I say that the writers for the Star Wars Dark Horse comics should have been tapped for the prequels. This is another slammin’ issue!

Storm Dogs #3 (Image)
Andy: Strong, emotional action punctuated with great art and coloring. Plus, a surprising reveal. Solid stuff all around.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #18 (IDW)
Andy: If you haven’t jumped on yet, DO IT NOW! A perfect entry point that’s loaded with action and character.
Arnab: We’re on issue 18 now. That means if you haven’t been reading, you’ve just wasted the last year and a half of your life. So start now?

Ultimate Comics X-Men #22 (Marvel)
Andy: I’m just not into this volume of Ultimate X. It feels like Matt Fraction just wrote this story in Uncanny.

Uncanny X-Men #1 (Marvel)
Andy: #AVX pulled back the power levels of the strongest mutants, leveling the playing field — I like this angle being explored.
Arnab: Nothing about this wonky mutant powers makes sense. At least not where Magneto is concerned. B
Infinite Speech: Magneto looked like a Cylon but other than that it was great seeing him act like the Magneto we know & love.
Jeff: Yes! Yes! Yes! Bendis can write the X-Men forever as far as I’m concerned.

Walking Dead #107 (Image)
Andy: This is not going to go over well in the long run. For anyone.
Arnab: Everyone knows Negan’s about to go batshit crazy on errbody. B+
Jeff: Wow, what a letdown from the last few issues.

Wolverine & the X-Men #25 (Marvel)
Andy: I really enjoyed reading so many characters I don’t care about! An entertaining romp that pokes fun at itself.
Dr. Bustos: Mutants versus dinosaurs! I’m glad Broo is back and hope we get him back to normal soon. A
Jeff: Perez’s work is going to take some getting used to. Not sure if he fits here.

X-Men #41 (Marvel)
Andy: Brawl looks a lot like Torque. Not a bad issue, but a weak finale. Bottom line of this series: Jubilee became a vampire.
Jeff: Why did they have 2 artists on this arc? The first part was great.



  1. Arnab & Andy, did you guys get TMNT late or something?

  2. As far as I’m aware, the whole west coast got it a week late.

  3. Two late ones from me:

    Batgirl #17 (DC)
    It’s OK. I wish kid Gordon would kill someone significant already.

    Katana #1 (DC)
    Hands down my favorite read written by Ann Nocenti. The art works, too.

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