February 16, 2013

5 Kickstarter Campaigns to Back Right NOW!

Kickstarter is a strange animal; it’s equal parts fascinating, unpredictable and incredulous. At its best, the crowdsourcing site allows you to have a hand in making somebody’s dream come true, being handsomely rewarded in the process. I’ve backed a small number of projects over time, some made their goal and others didn’t. Below are 5 active campaigns I’m on board with right now, so give these fresh projects a look and remember — when you pledge to a campaign not only does it help the creators reach their goal, but it encourages stretch goals and additional rewards!

“EARTHWARD” by Bryan Q. Miller & Marcio Takara

Like many pre-New 52 DC Comics readers, I’m smitten with Miller’s all too brief “Batgirl” run starring Stephanie Brown. By association alone I’ll back his cool and colorful creator-owned sci-fi series. Also, it looks really good. BACKED

Pledged: $15 is worth a physical copy and print
Time Remaining: < 24 Hours


Curve ball! This has nothing to do with comics but it’s a man’s watch. The Big Face Woody is au naturale, lightweight and comes in multiple sizes to fit my dainty and womanly wrist — I’ve been wanting a non-digital watch for a long time and this bamboo beauty is the one. Plus, I dig Hawaiian-based NFNT’s business model and M.O. I jumped on board late at the $75 level, but it’s still a great deal considering these bamboo watches are $149.99 retail after the kickstarter ends. There are stylin’ stretch incentives too, like multiple sizes, a slick case and a date option. The current level’s at $85, with $95 coming up so pledge soon! BACKED

Pledged: $75 for a sick, bamboo non-digital watch
Time Remaining: < 4 Days


I have a kid and these kids books by Jason Forest and Bruce Seaton look AWESOME. The image of the boy climbing onto the bed sealed the deal for me — that’s exactly how my daughter does it! I pledged at a level where both the “Bathtub Western” & “Rowan and the Rascal Lion” GNs are included. Check out a write-up on both stories in this week’s edition of FROM FRIENDLY GHOSTS TO GAMMA RAYS by our very own Drew McCabe. BACKED

Pledged: $35 is worth two original GN’s for the kiddo
Time Remaining: < 6 Days

“BOOK OF DA” HC by Mike Mccubbins & Matt Bryan

I’m a fan of all things under the sea. The artwork of this sci-fantasy graphic novel caught my eye and after seeing the original cover design, a $15 pledge was a no brainer. It includes the HC, a digital copy and more. BACKED

Pledged: $15 for a cloth-bound HC
Time Remaining: < 12 Days

“REX NOCTURNUS” by Scott K. Monteiro

I backed this when it was only at 200 something dollars and now it’s at over $2000 — and deservedly so! Look at those inks, man! It stars a shark and the bad ass woman who’s hunting it! YES!!! BACKED

Pledged: $10 for a stylized and sexily-inky shark hunting adventure
Time Remaining: < 18 Days

There are so many cool Kickstarters out there — here are two honorable mentions I’d totally back, funds allowing.


Man, I don’t play enough RPG’s to justify the coin for these die, but holy hell are they awesome. Colorful hand-carved stone die made from a variety of rock. I’d pledge at the $79 level to get a set of 5.

Time Remaining: < 28 Days

“THE CRAVER” by Caleb Pearson

Post WWII mad-scientist stuff is a genre right up my alley! The color palette and detail of Steven E. Gordon’s art successfully conveys a classic Universal Monsters feel.

Time Remaining: < 26 Days

Andy Liegl


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  1. As backers of Earthward and Rowan and the Rascal Lion, I highly approve of this list (specifically those two.)

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