February 7, 2013

Indie Reviews: Mr. Mash-Up #0

Mr. Mash-Up #0
Publisher: Actuality Press
Writer: Sam Johnson
Artists: Bruno Letizia, Eric Lamont, & Meisha Mimotofu (Cover by Mike Bunt)
(Mature Readers)

Writer Sam Johnson has returned with more of his chick with an attitude, Cabra Cini! This sexy voodoo practitioner is at it again, and this time she’s  throwing down in another dimension! She meets a man named Mr. Mash-Up, and although their fight doesn’t last long, it certainly is memorable.

The next chapter of the book sees Mr. Mash-Up back home with his father, and right in the middle of a huge brawl with these grotesque looking beasts called “screemers.”After the fight, we see that he and a companion just might be headed to the dimension known as Earth!

The final story, “Gold Town: A Whole Other Thing,” is about a guy who doesn’t believe in urban legends. He probably does now, though. He ends up running for his life as a hooker is trying to kill him! Funny stuff with an edge to it in this tale.

Overall the book is a good read. The first story is the best, followed by the third. The second story wasn’t bad, but didn’t have a “wow” moment to it. Other than that, things were solid all around. The artwork was pretty good, and my only complaint is that this needs to be in color. The cover was in color, and was awesome. If the rest of the book would have been in color, its impact would double. Look for this on shelves now or order it online! Rating 3.5/5

Mr. Mash-Up #0 written by Sam Johnson, illustrated by Bruno Letizia, Eric Lamont, and Meisha Mimotofu, and published by Actuality Press is available now in $1.99 Digital/Kindle Editions – along with regular and digital editions of Geek-Girl #0 – at

Billy Dunleavy



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