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February 5, 2013

Aspen Reviews: Homecoming #3

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Written by: Billy
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Homecoming #3
Publisher: Aspen Comics
Writer: David Wohl
Artist: Emilio Laiso (cover by Laiso and Beth Sotelo)
Colors: Brett Smith

A ton of law enforcement, media, and conspiracy theorists have amassed at the little town of Primm, Nevada. It was mostly just locals and drifters, but ever since the UFO was spotted and investigated, resulting in three deaths, it’s been a circus. Over in California, Celeste is having a warm moment with her mother. Her friend Hunter is also there, but he seems to feel that something is wrong. He isn’t too far off with his assessment, either. The next day at school, Paul uses his new found abilities to show up a bully on the football field. Later, Carla (Celeste’s Mom) has an experience that seems to be life threatening…or is it?

There’s no way that after reading this issue anyone can say they saw this coming. Everything started out like you’d expect, but then towards the end we were given a clue to something being fishy. The last page affirmed this feeling, and then some. There was only one thing I didn’t understand. When Celeste was put into one of the pods, she was clothed in the scene before, but then in the next scene (inside the pod) she was in her panties. Not that it looked bad or anything, but it just didn’t make sense. Other than that, everything was as it should be. Lots of action, mystery, and a big stunner at the end to top it all off.

Artistically the book was fantastic. Lots of vibrant colors and smooth lines to show off the characters and landscapes. Laiso and Smith do a fine job, and the characters’ looks are a big strength of theirs. Celeste and her mother, Carla, look great, and the wide-eyed Hunter is spot on. The regular cover was pretty cool, but the alternate (“B”) cover by Cory Smith and Brett Smith (below) was just ridiculous! It looked like the queen from Aliens that fought Ripley in the hangar of the spaceship! Just crazy!

When you look at where this series started just two issues ago, and where it is now, you have to be impressed. The book seemed like just another teen drama with a side order of alien abduction, but in these last two issues we’ve been treated to a blockbuster event that has everything a reader could want! Rating 4/5

Billy Dunleavy



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