November 21, 2009

Marvel Previews: Deadpool #18

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Written by: Andy
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People can’t get enough of Deadpool recently, but in Deadpool #18 (Daniel Way- writer, Paco Medina- artist) Cyclops and the X-Men have endured as much of the Merc With A Mouth as they can handle. In the conclusion of the ‘Deadpool joins the X-Men’ story line (that’s not the official title by the way), Deadpool has become a self-proclaimed member of the X-Men. He’s made his own uniform and has decided to prove his worth by killing the mutant-hating father of Cessily Kincaid (a.k.a. Mercury). Unfortunately for Cyclops, Norman Osborn has made it so that the assassination attempt will be aired live on TV, so Deadpool’s success would only further tarnish the mutant image to the rest of the world, and it’s up to the X-Men to stop their… uh, teammate. Check out these preview images from the issue:







Given the Deadpool mania that is sweeping the nation, I really think this story arc has stood out above the rest. Maybe it’s because I’m an X-junkie, but this arc has felt more like an X-title that’s guest-starring Deadpool as opposed to the other way around. The dynamic between DP and Domino is getting hotter with each issue, and the tension between him and Cyclops is soon to reach a climax (get yer head outta the gutter!). Plus- Surge gets the spotlight! …what? I think she’s pretty cool.

Andy Liegl



  1. Jeff Jackson

    Nice to see Paco Medina drawing the New X-Men again.

  2. Yes it is… I really miss that title.

  3. Billy

    I was going to order this but it didn’t make the “final cut.”

  4. Billy

    Very nice artwork btw.

  5. I understand Billy. Still, if you wish to read it, it’s only 4 issues!

  6. infinite speech

    Really diggin’ that cover lol

  7. Boy, this artwork is really stylish, clean and cool. I am so out of touch!

  8. Oh, and wanted to add that the coloring is really really well done too.

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