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January 9, 2013

Devil’s Due Review: Plume #1

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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Plume #1
Publisher: Devil’s Due Publishing
Writer: K. Lynn Smith
Artist: K. Lynn Smith
Editor: Josh Blaylock

When I was first given this comic to review, I didn’t know until I opened the file that I’d been enjoying this series for quite a while in its webcomic form. So I’m quite happy to be able to write a review for it letting you know that this is definitely a book and series you should pick up and support.

Plume is about Vesper Grey and her mystical companion Corrick, two treasure hunters. The book starts with a deadly shootout that leads to the two obtaining a mask of super speed. It seems life wasn’t always this way, as we’re taken into a flash back to lead us up to this point. Vesper is a young woman who is living a well to do life, and it is boring her to death. She can’t stand her aunt’s demands of ladylike behavior, and the quiet life she finds herself in while her father is off treasure hunting for magical artifacts.

Magical artifacts are a crucial part of this series, as we learn when Vesper is mailed a necklace by her father. In trying to spice up her mundane life, Vesper takes a chance to do something dangerous and nearly pays for it with her life. Thankfully, Corrick appears and rescues her, but who is he and where did he come from? That’s for you to find out by continuing the story in the webcomic and by getting the next issue.

This series has some lovely art. I was first pointed to this comic by the Twitter account of Ashly Burch from the webseries “Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin?”, where she pointed out the visual similarities between herself and Vesper Grey. It was uncanny, and now I hear her voice whenever Vesper speaks. The art’s colors help convey the boredom or exuberance that Vesper is experiencing, and the glow of Corrick shows that he’s not quite human anymore in the material sense.

This first issue is just enough to entice a new reader, as I remember this was about where I was when I showed up to the series. If you want a female-lead western with some cool magic showing up, Plume is a great series for that need.

Alexander Bustos



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