January 2, 2013

Dark Horse Reviews: Colder #3

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Written by: Billy
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Colder #3
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Paul Tobin
Artist: Juan Ferreyra
Colors: Eduardo Ferreyra & Laura Binaghi

This series just kicked it into an even higher gear of nuts. From previous issues, we’ve seen that Declan has shown his girlfriend, Reece, that another world exists. One that houses all of the lost souls and crazies of the world. Now, they are face to face with Nimble Jack. Declan realizes that they are no match for him, so they try to run. Running from an evil being that can seemingly defy the laws of gravity, and jump inside the minds/bodies of crazy people, pretty much makes it impossible to out run the guy. Will Declan be able to stop Nimble Jack? Will Reece lose her mind and her soul to Jack? With only two more issues to go, this series looks like an out of control train ready to derail!

Wow, can Paul Tobin crank up the crazy on a book! This issue was just another example of how a company like Dark Horse is outworking the “big 2.” Granted, there seems to be more freedom with the smaller companies, but nevertheless, books like this should be getting people’s money. A gnarly story that is like nothing else people can find on shelves right now! The character Declan is a man that seems to have been psychologically scarred, but seems to have altruistic reasons for wanting to help Reece. Nimble Jack is nothing short of Hannibal Lecter under the influence of meth, but also having a purpose (feeding on the weak).

Juan Ferreyra is an awesome artist. His attention to detail is pretty good, but he doesn’t overdo it. He draws the characters very strong, and ready for anything. The panels that showed Nimble Jack were so great. He really is the star of this book, and his wild abilities and overall “look” are very engaging. You know, like a train wreck or accident. You want to look away, but for some inexplicable reason, you can’t. There was a page (below) that was just sick, but you can’t turn away! And the covers are just the icing on the cake! They add something to an already fantastic book. Hopefully, this mini-series will find a way to get even better in the last two issues, or maybe even keep going past that fifth issue! Rating 4/5

Billy Dunleavy



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