December 20, 2012

Marvel/A.P.N.G. Enterprises Reviews: New-Gen: New Dawn #2 (of 5)

New Gen: New Dawn #2 (of 5)
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: J. D. Matonti & Abdul H. Rashid
Artist: Jomar Bulda
Cover: Abdul H. Rashid & Edgar Arce

Thirteen years have passed since the events of last issue, and Gabriel now has the full weight of the kingdom on his shoulders. The threat of war is on the horizon, and though he seeks a peaceful solution there are those in his court that feel war is the better option. It’s during this confusing time that Gabriel seeks help and finds it in the shape of his deceased father’s spirit. However, during their conversation more is revealed to Gabriel regarding his own origin and the origin of the power he wields.

There are origin issues that tease just a bit of information, and there are those that give you an actual origin that helps to flesh out a character and shed light on events. New Dawn falls into the latter category, and quite well. Rashid and Matonti give us plenty of information to take in, and some of it even explains where the nanobots came from that were mentioned in the original series. All of the exposition flows together, and nothing seems forced as the science and fantasy elements are merged together. The evolution of Gabriel’s character is also quite evident if you compare him to his arrogant self that we met in the first issue. The writers effectively show that he’s not just stressed, but truly lost and in need of guidance.

The artwork for New Dawn #1 was superb, and that continues here as Jomar Bulda takes over the visual storytelling for this issue. From the moment you see the first page, you know that you’re in good hands. Since most of the issue is a conversation between father and son, Bulda keeps your eye moving with great visual moments throughout. There is not one part of this issue that looks rushed or lazy just because it’s exposition heavy.  He shows a very good level of detail from the characters to the backgrounds, and a lot of what helps it pop are the colors of Edgar Arce. Gabriel taking out an entire army is just one of those scenes that looks fantastic in its simplicity.

New Dawn has a completely different feel and look, though the connection to the more sci-fi based original series is still there. This is definitely one of those all ages titles that needs to be recommended to a reader of any age. It’s a strong story with a great cast of characters, and a creative team determined to see that they put out some quality work in all of the issues.

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  1. Dan Griffin

    This is a great series and I look forward to many more stories in the future!
    Dan Griffin

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