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November 19, 2009

DC Previews: Superman #694

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Written by: Jordan
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Releasing next week is Superman #694. Writer James Robinson and artist Javier Pina bring back the new, and supposedly improved, Mon-El to begin setting the stage for Superman #700. In this issue Mon-El faces off against one of Superman’s most bizarre enemies, Bizarro. Mon-El has a new look and determination, but his powers are still on the fritz. Will he be able to defeat the outlandish Bizarro? Find out when this issue is released on November 25th.

It’s great to see Mon-El back, but I’m not so sure about his new look. It kind of looks like he is wearing pajamas. Nonetheless, it will be great to see the so misunderstood Bizarro in this issue. If only someone would take the time to listen to him, maybe they would realize all he wants is a friend. Wait… what was that? He wants to rip Guardian’s head off! Well, maybe he needs a little more than just a friend.

Jordan West



  1. This costume is a step backwards.

  2. infinite speech

    Definitely agree with Josh about the costume. Not a big fan when I first saw it and it won’t grow on me. It just looks like the left overs from Kal-El’s costume lol

  3. Should I be reading this title?

  4. Marie

    Yeah, the costume does suck. I have always liked Bizzaro. His character is a lot more involved than people think.

  5. infinite speech

    I always thought of Bizzaro as the dumb strong guy who just gets used by the smarter bad guys.

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