December 27, 2012

Dark Horse Reviews: The Victories #5

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Written by: Billy
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The Victories #5
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Michael Oeming
Artist: Michael Oeming
Colors: Nick Filardi

When this series began, it was fairly reticent about the in depth story. Sure, it was somewhat of a superhero book, and that part was cool, but the underlying story and what actually forced you to think, was the masterpiece. It’s seldom when a book goes deep, and does more than scratch the surface, so when one comes along that does, you need to read it. The Victories is one of those books. Rest assured, there is a throw-down between Faustus and The Mark. The bestial Jackal gets involved, and an ultimatum is given to Faustus by his teammates. We also get to see the return (to Earth) of Metatron, the member of the team that’s been M.I.A. but mentioned several times throughout the series. Just to reiterate, the action is the surface, but the real story lies beneath that, and outshines everything else.

Nobody could’ve imagined the ultimate ending and also the shock waves that will ripple through this universe for a while. Oeming created a story that really gets your brain pumping, and also dying for more. Luckily for the readers, we have Dark Horse Presents. The Victories will continue in that anthology book for a few issues (DHP #20-22), and then in May, apparently a new series will begin. Even if it all did end with this final issue, it was nothing short of fantastic. It really isn’t for the faint of heart, though, as the action does get violent, and there are quite a few vulgarities littered about. Nothing that felt out of place or forced, though, as it is.

Michael Oeming’s artwork is certainly a unique style. It’s sort of a cross between cartoony and gritty. That seems like it would be a clash of styles, but he manages to pull it off very easily. Faustus dominated the face time, but the other characters each served their own purpose, and added depth and color to the series. The villain, The Jackal, was quite hideous, and threatening. He posed an immediate problem for Faustus, but also made him question his own morality and values. That is one of those things mentioned earlier that makes you think when you read this series.

The series read great, and should sell quite well in trade when it comes out. Most stories these days read better in trade, and this one might too, but honestly, it can hold its own in singles as well. Congratulations to Michael Oeming and Dark Horse for this masterpiece! Rating 5/5

Billy Dunleavy



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