December 13, 2012

Dark Horse Reviews: Ex Sanguine #2

Ex Sanguine #2
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writers: Tim Seeley & Joshua Scott Emmons
Artist: Tim Seeley
Colors: Carlos Badilla

Getting hauled in by the FBI would probably rattle most people. In the case of Saul Adams being brought in, it’s quite a different story. His Hannibal Lecter-esque attitude is something that has agents Quinn and Franks very put off. The problem is that they only have circumstantial evidence, and Saul knows this. They release him after an unexpected alibi happens to hit the bureau’s desk. The alibi is Ashley, the hot waitress from the diner that just so happens to also be a psychopath who has no problem killing people to get what she wants. She convinces Saul to break into the penthouse of a man that has something she wants. In the end, blood is spilled, clothes come off, and Ashley and Saul are in even deeper than before.

Whatever secret Ashley is hiding should have reader’s intrigued. She seems to have some knowledge of the occult, and possibly some abilities that we are not yet fully aware of, too. Ashley has been leaving a cipher behind at the scene of her crimes, written in blood, and Agent Quinn is desperate to figure it out. It almost seems as if Ashley is playing a game with Saul and he’s unaware, but that may be just a set up. The scenes in the penthouse were very good as far as dialog and action are concerned. Ashley and Saul make a good couple, but again, she seems to be playing at something else that she hasn’t yet revealed.

Seeley and Badilla do some great things with this issue. Namely making Saul look scary, and Ashley look sexy one minute, and like a serial killer the next. The pencils and colors are very strong and give the book a lift during some down times. Saul has a Barnabas Collins quality about him, as he’s dapper looking and eloquent, but can turn vicious in a matter of one panel. That’s a big part of the series so far, but the reveal at the end of the issue as to what Ashley was looking for at the penthouse was interesting, too. The cover was great, as well, and nothing less should be expected from Tim Seeley and Dave Stewart. Another solid issue with more blood and mystery to come! Rating 4/5

Billy Dunleavy



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