December 5, 2012

Valiant Reviews: Bloodshot #6

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Written by: Drew
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Bloodshot #6
Publisher: Valiant
Story: Duane Swiercynski
Art: Manuel Garcia

An ultimate kick-ass action issue, period. Issue #6 of Valiant’s Bloodshot advances its story as it goes heavy on the violence, as everything from bullets to blood drench the pages in absolute coolness, once again demonstrating why everyone thinks it is the hottest action title around: because it is. No one’s lying to you when they write that.

Issue #6 finds Bloodshot, who has broken into the Project Rising Spirit facility along with Pulse and Kara, in an attempt to find his true identity, battling against four really damn ugly guys out to kill him, with the aid of “The Kid” (the AI created from the nanites which live in his body).  What follows is page after page of fighting, explosions, and destruction as Bloodshot takes out his enemies one by one until he reaches his goal. Meanwhile, Pulse and Kara are trying to escape themselves, and run into some very creepy trouble. The issue ends with a cliffhanger which I just don’t want to give away here, but the story’s been building up to this and it’s pretty awesome.

Duane Swiercynski writes some great dialog and really just lets the book cut loose as we get what we want in this title: Bloodshot getting extremely messed up over and over as he is on his road to find the truth, giving us action the entire time. Garcia’s art shines here, because he pretty much has one of the coolest action issues of 2012’s comics to use as his playground to draw awesome action sequences. Topped off with the cliffhanger which I’m leaving spoiler free, I will at least say I am super interested to see where it goes, if it crosses over with other titles (which some have suspected since issue #1), as everything unravels for our enjoyment.

Bloodshot #6 is available in digital and print from Valiant.

Rating: 5/5 (How could we not give so much action the perfect rating it deserves!)

Drew McCabe



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