December 4, 2012

Action Lab Reviews: Double Jumpers #3

Double Jumpers #3
Publisher: Action Lab
Writer: Dave Dwonch
Artist: Bill Blankenship
Cover: Bill Blankenship

One more issue to go, and Double Jumpers continues to entertain and deliver more laughs on almost every panel. The pacing slows a bit as the stranded programmers are still trying to make their way out of their game alive. While dealing with surprising personal issues and  attempting to not have some unwanted sex along the way. Meanwhile, their creations are stuck in the real world having the time of their lives exploiting any and everything they can. Looks like what is happening in Vegas just might be too much for some to handle.

The formula Dwonch and Blankenship started earlier in the series really shines in this issue. The story is still fun and not overshadowed by the amount of humor scattered about. There was a worry that a couple of the characters would fall into certain boring tropes, but that has been cleverly avoided. There is so much fun about this entire series that you really don’t want Dwonch and Blankenship to finish it up next issue.

This is also one great looking title thanks to Blankenship’s skill and consistency. There were so many great looking moments in this issue that you’ll be hard pressed to choose just one. Andrew’s leveling up sequence and Jason’s unwanted seduction scene are just two that stand out.

The series comes to a close next issue, so if you haven’t given Double Jumpers a chance then you need to rectify that immediately. Funny characters, a solid story, and great artwork await those who do. Dwonch and Blankenship will make sure that you get your money’s worth and then some with this series!

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