October 31, 2012

Ramblings & Reviews: Zenescope part 1

Hello everybody! As I type this, I’m about to get pounded by this hurricane coming up the coast, so if you don’t hear from me again, don’t wonder why. For those of you that have been with since the beginning, you’ll possibly remember this style of review when it was a bit chaotic, and I was doing a ton of Marvel reviews. Well, this is going to be the way I’m going to play catch up on my reviews for Zenescope since I’m light years behind. And here we go….

Grimm Fairy Tales #68
Publisher: Zenescope
Writer: Raven Gregory
Artists: Tim Smith III & Marco Cosentino (cover by Fan Yang)
Colors: Eddy Swan

The issue starts out with the Dark One and a little meeting between him, Alicia (the ruler of Limbo in Myst), and Jack the Giant Killer. In his dungeon is Prince Erik, Sela’s husband, and a man most think is dead. The Dark One taunts him, then uses a mind control device that Alicia obtained from The Piper. This all happened long ago, but it will bear fruit currently, as Sela has found her lost love Erik. There is also some footage of Venus and her evil machinations from the past, and they’re coming full circle very soon! Solid story and artwork, and as usual, a great selection of covers! Rating 3.5/5

Grimm Fairy Tales #69
Publisher: Zenescope
Writer: Raven Gregory
Artist: R.A. Height (cover by Fan Yang)
Colors: Ramon Ignacio Bunge

Sela and Druanna are now prisoners of the Dark One, and are told that they will face off against some horror in the arena for sport. Druanna keeps training Sela while they’re locked up, but then Alicia brings them to the arena. Alicia then tricks them into  channeling Sela’s powers into Druanna’s staff to defeat some slimy beast, but in truth, she knew they would do that, and she steals Druanna’s staff to germinate some kind of seeds that resemble the pods in the movie Aliens. Alicia then has all three of the prisoners stand before her, and offers one of them their freedom, but the other two must stay as her captives, forever! A really cool story that’s very intertwining, but also entertaining. The artist was good, but not quite as good as the previous with details. Rating 3.5/5

Grimm Fairy Tales #70
Publisher: Zenescope
Writer: Raven Gregory
Artist: Sheldon Goh (cover by Fan Yang)
Colors: Sean Forney & Keith Garletts

As Sela, Erik, and Druanna are trying to figure out who should be freed or stay behind, Alicia is plotting with Jack to further her own exploits. Erik then tells the girls that they’ll all escape together, and no one will be left behind. They jump the guards when they come to learn the decision they have made, but Erik is under Alicia’s control sort of (due to the Dark One putting that mind control thingy on him), so he hesitates at first. He regains control and slashes all the guards to bits. He tells the girls that he needs to get his soul back into his real body or else he’ll never leave Limbo except as a ghost. The girls then leave Erik alone to fight the Giant Killer, and proceed to Alicia’s chambers. Once there, they are interrupted by Erik getting smashed through the door by Jack. Erik then gets mind controlled by Alicia momentarily, but then breaks free and smashes the casket that holds his real body, thus breaking the mind control. Alicia then grants one of them their freedom, and Sela leaves to try and find her and Erik’s child. Little do they know, that this is all part of a ruse by Alicia that involves Venus, Baba Yaga, and just about every other evil female in the Grimm universe! Good conclusion to this part of the story! Raven Gregory is really hitting his stride with this title. Another issue sees another new artist, but it was quite good, so no complaints here. Rating 4/5

Well, that’s it for this installment, but weather permitting, I’ll be back with more from Grimm Fairy Tales, Myths & Legends, and even more stuff from Zenescope soon (And yes, I realize that these issues have been out for quite some time. That’s why I didn’t feel bad spoiling them like I did!).

Billy Dunleavy



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