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November 16, 2009

Gotta Have It! Lady Death Snow Globe

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LadydeathbannerLady Death, the mortal woman named Hope; her story is truly tragic. An innocent woman accused of witchcraft, she chants a spell overheard from her Devil worshiping father. This summons a demon who agrees to save her life in exchange for Hope shredding her humanity to become a servant of Hell.

Lady Death vs Purgatori Snow Globe

ladydeath001Manufacturer: Moore Creations
Released: 1997
Retail Price: $200.00, but I got mine for $40 at a convention. E-bay and some other stores have them for $15 and up.
Packaging: Comes in four panel box decorated with images of the snow globe along with Lady Death and Purgatori’s symbols.
Assembly: None! Just take it out of the box and display it.

The Statue: Standing in bat-infested water, Lady Death and Purgatori are ready to fight the battle to end all battles. Twist the winder at the bottom of the globe to hear “Flight of the Valkyries.”

The base is intricately detailed with skulls, stones, and steps up to the ‘castle’ where the battle takes place. This is a very heavy 13” tall snow globe. When you shake the globe, bats and glitter swirl around in the water, adding a darker touch to the globe. There are no stars and bunnies. Oh no. That’s not Hellish enough.

Base Detail

Base Detail

Image from flickr

Image from flickr

The sculpts of Lady Death and Purgatori are perfect. There’s no bleeding on the paint, the facial details are gorgeous, and the scale is dead on. There are really no low points to this snow globe. Well… there is one… the water level. Mine is about 80% full, whereas I would love it to be about 95% full at the least.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5. Great detail, fantastic music, and fun swirling bats really make this a fun snow globe. The reduction in score was due to the level of the water.

Dee McNamara



  1. Eli

    By far the coolest snow globe ever!

  2. infinite speech

    Hell, the price YOU paid for it was great!

  3. billy

    If I was going to in a comic book I would definiitely want to be “Mr. Death”. I love how she dresses. lol

  4. Woah, woah; it plays Flight of the Valkyrie’s!?

  5. Dee

    Yes, yes it does play that! Awesome huh?

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