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October 16, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012 pt 1: Statues, Toys & Collectibles

It is definitely that time of year again in New York City, as thousands of fans migrate to the Jacob Javits Center to get their comic and pop culture fill at the New York Comic Convention! is also back once again to give a tour down those crowded hallways filled with some of the most awesome creators in the comic industry, along with some of the best eye candy these events have to offer! Companies like Marvel and DC once again had a large presence, but the independents brought their “A” game as well. Acrhaia, Dark Horse, and Valiant (just to name a few) boast some of the best talent in the industry, and the fans lining up to see these men and women proved that it’s not just all about the Big Two.

Now, since things are a lot less hectic on the first day, this gave us the best time to check out the awesome array of statues, busts, and props based on some of the most iconic characters in comics, film, and video games! Kotobukiya’s booth was the first stop and they never disappoint. From their entire X-Force statue set (which included the soon to be released Wolverine version) to the Justice League, these high quality pieces had fans’ eyes jumping out of their faces and their mouths on the floor! The various pieces from Star Wars were also among the most impressive, but the piece that stole the show in the entire display was the Joker. This piece is based on Brian Bolland’s cover artwork from Alan Moore’s highly acclaimed “The Killing Joke” story. We were told that when you walk past it there will be a shutter sound to simulate Joker taking your picture. It’s one very cool and very creepy looking piece that needs to be on shelves everywhere!

For all of you Gears of War fans, TriForce blew the crowds away with their various replica weapons and statue pieces. We were given a quick tour from none other than pro gamer and star of the Coalition Report, Brittality. She gave us the run down on several of the weapons and various pieces around the area. All of the weapons were full scale and looked as if they could be fired at any time. From the Torque Bow to the Golden Lancer, words can’t describe how much I wanted to reenact some of my favorite moments from the game on a convention member or three. What was also cool to see was the life size scythe wielded by Death in Darksiders II, and various weapons from Mass Effect. Brittality also let us know the reason for the steep price of the statue of Death was because it would end up being about three feet tall! For those who desired some souvenirs from Gotham, front and center were props from Batman: Arkham City. We were treated to two life size Riddler Trophies (Batman’s and Catwoman’s), and a piece showing Batman’s armored hand holding a batarang. Nightwing’s clubs were also on display and were being wielded by a fantastic looking female Nightwing cosplayer.

There were other figures that boasted some great detail and more articulation points than a yoga instructor! From the Metal Gear Solid series to the Final Fantasy franchise, fans were pressed against the display cases in desperation to get a look at these action figures and make their purchases. For now we’ll leave you with a few more great shots of the eye candy, and be sure to come back and see how things went when we caught up with Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples! The creative team behind one of this year’s best titles, Saga, from Image Comics!

All photos courtesy of E. Snell Design.

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