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September 24, 2012

Comikaze 2012! Part 4: DC Steampunk

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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END OF DAYS! Or at the very least, the end of my Comikaze articles for 2012. Here we’re going to finish it off with another look at the DC Steampunk group, they have some new members to the team and I decided to try a little something different in writing it. Let’s go back in time!


September 15th, 1899

A New Era in Heroes and Villains! by Professor Alexmeister Bustoijavich

Citizens of Gotham know all too well its woes of crime and how ill fitted the Gotham police have been to deal with it. Madmen and Unhinged women have been on the rise with ideas that take the sensibility of our times and throw it right out the window with gas and explosives. Thankfully it appears that as villainy is on the increase, so is the call for heroes, we have masked gentlemen and daring ladies appearing from the shadows and skies ready to aide our fair city and the world at large!

Gotham has been besieged by bats for centuries dating back to the native peoples of the Miagani, now the city sees a new breed of creature in that of the Bat-Man!

John Wilson as the Caped Crusader.

From what this reporter can gather on this urban myth made real, he glides about the city and puts fear into the feared. Though some say he may be some sort of beast-man or manimal, this reporter believes he is just a man of great moral upbringing and implacable courage! I’ve seen devices in all of my attempts to gain evidence of the Bat-Man, I had at a moment a bat shaped piece of metal before a blur of cloak had taken it to use against a vile villain trying to attack me.


Another bat flies above the city, and this one bewilders modern sensibilities to show us that perhaps women can be just as capable as men. She breaks criminals as much as she does the minds of the citizenry. While there is much debate over the Bat-Man, this Bat-Girl is widely accepted to be no beast, merely a lady going above and beyond what is expected of her. Perhaps it is the mantle of the bat that lets one go beyond the limits of the everyday to take on evil.

Samantha Terry as Nightwing.

Bats are not the only creatures that stalk the night to keep Gotham safe; birds begin to take flight. The one called Night-Wing seems to be more acrobatic than any circus performer the world has ever seen. The only weapons I’ve witness this lady using were two billy clubs with such flair and precision they might as well have been part of her body. Perhaps we live in an age of heroes to prove the power of the fairer sex?

Kacia Castelli as Robin.

Yet another bird taking to the night to fight for Gotham, a Robin who takes on enemies in colorful flair. Enemies beware, as this girl wonder fights her way through like the bird she is named after. The heroes of our age are truly a role model for the future, and with this many maidens taken to protecting their fellow people, the future looks bright in these dark nights.

The Huntress.

This Huntress of criminals takes aim with an advanced crossbow; in an age of guns, these heroes all seem to askew any such modern tools. Not following any animal theme, this woman takes on the form of the hunter to take on her prey.

Brian Ward as Green Arrow.

Another vigilante who takes on the guise of a hunter, but this one is an emerald archer who puts a stop to crime with a Green Arrow. Finally another gentleman to the mix, I was beginning to think no man was brave enough to fight the criminal element unless they were assumed to be part boogeyman. This man uses the latest in technology with his ancient weapon to rid the city of crime.

Now it appears, dear reader, that we are no longer just dealing with the pinnacle of humanity, but something more, the super human, people with powers far beyond that of mortal kin. Even more, there are those that may not even be human at all, from the stars, the rumors go.

Chris Bang as The Flash.

This shot was a rare example of the red blur that has been seen mostly in the twin cities of Central City and Keystone, though it isn’t difficult for him to get anywhere in the world in a Flash. This man is the fastest man, if not creature, in the world, able to move at such speeds that he could outrace a bullet the way you or I may out run a turtle.

Rochelle Anne as Zatanna.

While the rest of these heroes are mysteries as to their real identities, this woman is known to many. Zatanna Zatara is a world renown magician like her father. Well it seems that the magic she performs on stage is no chicanery! With but a word she can warp reality to her whim, let’s just be glad she’s on the side of the angels!

Nobo Fett as Power Girl.

Now here is a powerhouse of a woman, believed to be from outer space from a long gone planet, a woman only known as Power Girl. She’s been exhibited to lift carriages and trains with ease. Wingless flight is her common mode of travel, yes this woman has even gone beyond the power of angels in how she protects the world.

Lily Bias as Hawkgirl.

Another creature from the stars, but this one is so young and actually does have wings. The Hawk Girl is tiny, but fierce when she wields her hammer and goes into battle like a warrior twice her size and years older. This alien flies in on her wings and can bring ruin to any foe who is foolish enough to think this girl is a normal human.

Now while we triumph this age of heroes, we must also beware of the villainy that is on the rise. Twisted minds deciding to embrace darkness over light, and a danger to themselves and others. Now for those readers that are faint of heart, look away as we look upon the most dangerous members of society.

Chrissy Lynn as Catwoman.

This cat burglar took the name literally and has begun to steal from the wealthiest of Gotham, and gotten away from the police every time. This Catwoman is even able to elude the skills of the heroic. Though it is strange that she is not as morally black and white as many other villains seem to be, she can sometimes be seen working with the Bat to take on enemies on a whim, very much like a cat.

Ryan Beauvais as Two-Face.

Now comes a dark time for Gotham when one of its shining knights has become one of its greatest threats. Harvey Dent was once a great district attorney for Gotham, putting away many of its worst criminals, then came the day that bomb went off. The scarring he experienced went beyond the physical, and now he is the epitome of the duality of man. The lives of Gotham are held at the toss of coin, may Dent be put away sooner than later.

Mac Beauvais as Poison Ivy.

As if having our greatest defender in law fall, we also have brilliant minds such as Pamela Isley, botanist turned ecological nightmare. Another example of a super human, Isley is able to secrete deadly poisons by touch alone. She even carries a variety of other poisons along with her at all times. If this weren’t enough, some reports state that she is able to manipulate plants to do her bidding. If you see her, DO NOT ENGAGE.

J. Lance Moose as The Scarecrow.

Another brilliant mind gone mad, Johnathan Crane has gone from studying the mind and how it works into just focusing on fear. He has found a way to create fear in chemical form, and is able to spread terror into the hearts of all around him with but a gas or injection. He is capable of making even the strongest foe curl up into a ball and weep in a corner, as was seen with many an officer.

Johnny Bias as The Riddler.

We have yet another genius intellect going on a rampage of crime, Edward Nygma is asking riddles many cannot answer and the city is paying the price. It seems that the Bat-Man is able to outsmart this Riddler now to save the people from this lunatic. His elaborate riddles seem to be simple questions for the Bat.

It is easier to get both heroes and villains together for a photo than you would think.

Well there you have it Gotham City, a view into the world of heroes and villains this world of ours is getting at the turn of the century. While we may have dark and troubled times with this new class of villain, I hear tales of a gruesome clown that always gets the last laugh, we also have these super heroes to protect us. Rumors that there is an Amazon who is coming to America as an ambassador of peace are sweeping the nation. We have much to look forward to as we come into the 20th century.

Prof. Bustoijavich went missing several years after this article was originally posted. He was last seen in the Valley of Ur in Mesopotamia on a story for the relics of Nabu.

Family is weird, you guys. Well I hope you liked this different take on the DC Steampunk group, and really they did an amazing job, and I hope they do more fun stuff in the future. Thanks to Comikaze for having me, Comic Attack for letting me write, and all of you who took a look at my trip to Comikaze. See you next time!

Alexander Bustos



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