September 19, 2012

BBL: Anime Fest 2012 Cosplay Skit Show

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Written by: Kristin
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Greetings readers! And welcome back to another collection of Anime Fest 2012 photos. Please click the following links for previous coverage of this year’s con: Cherami Leigh interview; general convention review and photos from around the con floor; cosplay photos from the Cosplay Runway. Today we’ll look at my collection of photos from the Cosplay Skit Show, and maybe some photos of costumes from around the con if I have space. If not, you’ll find those on Friday! I had no idea I had so many pictures. I guess I don’t have to share them all (and I’m not), but I’m still getting over this summer cold and it’s a lot easier to edit and post up some pictures than writing manga reviews. So I hope you’re enjoying them!

A quick note on the skit show. There’s a youtube video someone took of nearly the entire thing. I really recommend it, because there were a couple of spectacular skits that deserve to be seen (actually, there’s a couple videos, and might I especially recommend looking up Saucy Noodle Cosplay’s “Control”; they were the runner ups of the show).


Last year's Emcees kick off the show.


I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause.

Mako and Korra kick off the skit show.

The Legend of Korra meets Tenchi Muyo.

Oppa Persona Style

Sailor Moon meets Disney.
Pokemon makes everything better.
This is the “Control” skit I mentioned before; the choreography was bloody brilliant and this was amazing to watch.

This Fatal Frame skit brought the video game to life on stage.

“Final Fantasy VI: The Musical” wrapped up the skits and won the night.

Mako and Tahno wrap up the show with some audience chit chat.

That sums up the skit show, but I do have room for a couple of regular cosplay photos!

Alright! More on Friday, so be sure to come back again!





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