September 8, 2012

Kickstarter: The Ultimate 7

Kickstarter is the new platform for creators to launch and gain support for projects they have worked hard on and believe in. Recently The Ultimate 7, a sci-fi romp through the universe, has begun its quest for completion. Creator/ writer Robert Wawrzyniak has actualized his passion for sci-fi with 12 issues in three graphic novels, coupled with covers by some recognized professionals in the industry.

The Ultimate 7’s Kickstarter Page


Here are a few words and a couple excerpts from the project from creator Robert Wawrzyniak:

“Hi, my name is Robert Wawrzyniak, and I am the writer/creator of “The Ultimate 7”. The Ultimate 7 is a 12 Issue Epic Sci-Fi Comic Book Maxi Series that is comprised in a Trilogy of 3 Full Color Graphic Novels.

I’m a great big sci-fi fan, and I’ve always been obsessed with monsters, dinosaurs, and any kind of sci-fi since I was a little kid. I was 10 years old when Star Wars came out! Before then, I used to watch Jason and the Argonauts and all of the Sinbads by Ray Harryhausen. Through my fascination with all things science fiction, and the inspirational influences that created them, I discovered a way to express my passion, and it was through writing comic books. Hence, “The Ultimate 7” Trilogy!

Since our books came out in Aug. 2011, we’ve gotten a lot of positive response, and the books have been rapidly gaining popularity. I’ve started “The Ultimate 7” Kickstarter Campaign to get the good word out and to get more books out to all of you, the fans.”

“The Ultimate 7” is a total of 384 totally insane pages! Shawn Surface is the artist in all 12 Issues, and Scott Shoemaker did all of the inking, therefore, the art and inking style are consistent throughout the whole series. And not to mention, we’ve all become great friends over the last 12 years!

There are bonus pin-ups of the characters, some bad-ass double page spreads, creator, artist, and inker bio’s, and two covers for each Issue. That means 24 covers, and done by some of the most renowned cover artists in the biz.

For example, Greg Horn did the cover art for Issue #1, which is also the front cover of Vol. 1, Skottie Young #2, Mike Mayhew #3, Ken Kelly #4, Simon Bisley #5, Billy Tucci #6, Shawn Surface #7, Mike Ploog #8, Jerry Beck #9, Steven Sanchez #10, Scott Shoemaker #11, and Richard Green #12, not including the back covers.

If you’re looking for something different, new, and exciting, you have to check out “The Ultimate 7”! It will take you on a rollercoaster ride and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Thank you for your time and for checking out “The Ultimate 7” Kickstarter Project. Please help us spread the word by sharing it on your favorite social network, and come and join us on the Ultimate Race through Time and Space.

We thank you so, so much, and we appreciate all of your support!

All the Best,

Robert Wawrzyniak

With tons of great art, an intriguing story, and some pretty slick covers, be sure to check out The Ultimate 7 and pledge if you like what you see!!

The Ultimate 7

Mike Parente


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  1. Jim Harris

    Ploog is back on Kickstarter now:

    Cool video of him painting in time-lapse

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