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August 31, 2012


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Written by: Boyblunder
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The Goon #41
Publisher: Dark Horse
Eric Powell
Eric Powell, Mark Buckingham

Eric Powell’s skewed noir character has always offered a more than filling serving of pure comic book fun. Thankfully this issue is no exception. The writer/artist whips up another odd-ball tale that, like any other Goon book, seems to be the love child of Humphrey Bogart and that crazy astronaut chick from a couple years ago who drove cross country in a diaper to kill her former lover’s girlfriend (yeah, that one).

The book is primarily a series of flash back scenes from some of the Priest’s more “memorable” jobs, offering up the perfect concoction for a dark comedy. We are regaled with such devious, ironic acts that would make even Loki scoff. For those worried the title character doesn’t actually make an appearance in this issue, fear not! The wrench wielding warrior pops up frequently in The Priest’s tales, ultimately “taking care of” his wrong-doings. This issue also works as a prologue of sorts for events winding up to take place in further issues of the series. Let’s just say it looks like the Goon’s got his own mess of problems coming his way (as if slack jaws, alligators, hobos, and Voodoo Priests weren’t enough).

As always, Powell’s art is top notch, and the book has wonders to behold even without his great writing. This issue also has another artist helming the Goon. In the back up “The Bog Lurk that Lurked like a Thing, a Bad Thing,” Mark Buckingham takes the penciling job and does so with flying colors. It’s difficult as an artist to take on a character such as The Goon, whose world has already been so defined by the creator’s style. Buckingham doesn’t falter from Powell’s style, but at the same time respectfully showcases his own style enough to make the reader notice the shift.

This book gets a solid score of 8 out of 10 stars. It’s about as fun as a comic can get, and leaves you wanting more. What more can you ask for?




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