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November 14, 2009

Gotta Have It! Women of DC Comics Barbies

I’ll admit it, I can be quite a girly-girl. I love Barbies. Collector Barbies look beyond beautiful with their perfect hair, make-up, and costumes. Barbie pays tribute to DC Comics with the release of Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Black Canary, four heavy hitters in the DC Universe. Let’s take a look!

Company: Mattel
Articulation: At least 8 points.
Packaging: Clear box with detailed background. The names of the heroines are on the front of the box as nameplates of sorts.
Released: Batgirl and Black Canary 2008, Wonder Woman and Supergirl 2009.
Where to buy: Toys ‘R Us might still have some around.
Price: $38.99 though many are on sale at 50% off.

Here we come to save the dayyyyy!

Here we come to save the dayyyyy!

Batgirl and Wonder Woman – Pink Label
Black Canary – Black Label (Designed for adult collectors only)
Supergirl – Silver Label (only 50,000 produced)

Do I really look that much like a dominatrix?! Honestly!

Do I really look that much like a dominatrix?! Honestly!

Hight Points: All of these ladies are made for adult collectors, meaning their costumes are top quality since kids aren’t supposed to play with them. Black Canary is a Black Label Barbie because of her risque outfit of black leather and fishnets, making her look too much like a dominatrix and causing a lot of protest. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at that. Halle Berry’s Catwoman, whip included, is okay for kids, but this is too much?! People are strange.

Anyway, Black Canary and Batgirl (Barbra Gordon!) come in fake leather outfits with gold detailing. Wonder Woman comes in her trademark star spangled panties, red corset, red and white boots, golden lasso, bracelets, and chestplate. She also looks more classy with a red, white and blue cape flowing behind her as she has worn once in a while in comics. Supergirl comes in her modern costume of a blue skirt and top with a metallic red cape trimmed in yellow.

Their faces are all beautiful, well painted, and different from each other in the slightest ways, such as eye shape and lips. They also come posed in the boxes, making them more visually appealing. Collector Barbies aren’t your standard-pose barbie. Wonder Woman and Supergirl come posed with their hands on their hips, proud to do what they do. Batgirl and Black Canary look ready for a dramatic entrance. Now, I haven’t taken them out of the boxes, since they look soooo good, so I can’t tell you how they hold up with touching.

facesLow Points: The only thing that bothered me was Batgirl’s gloves, belt and boots don’t match the gold of the cape. Other than that, these are a beautifully packaged Barbie tribute to DC Comics’ ladies, and I hope they make more. Barbie had made dolls based on the Batman animated series, with Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Batgirl in her black and blue uniform. Wonder Woman and Supergirl in her white t-shirt and blue skirt were also made, but all of these aren’t as good in quality and are in virtually the same pose.

Score: 5 of 5. If you have a daughter/girlfriend/wife interested in comics, these are the perfect gifts! Hey, by the way Barbie… can you make Zatanna and Huntress next? ‘Kay, thanks!

Dee McNamara



  1. billy

    Wow, are these good! If my daughter was a little younger I definitely would have bought these for her.

  2. Good call on the Catwoman/Black Canary comparison. So where’s the Power Girl?

    : )

  3. Power Girl and Zatana would cause some drama with the sensitive people lol

  4. Batgirl looks a little disheveled. 🙂 Wonder Woman is definitely the hottest of the face molds, but she looks like she went a little heavy on the lip liner. Super Girl resembles Deputy Clementine from Reno 911, and Black Canary is totally porned out. Regardless, I agree with the Catwoman statement 100%. Thanks for a great article that highlights some really cool ‘toys!’

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