November 15, 2009

Marvel Snapshot: Upcoming Events in 2010

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Written by: Billy
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Welcome once again friends to my take on the current state of affairs called Marvel Snapshot. This week I’m going to continue the conversation on Marvel’s upcoming events. They have three more in addition to Siege, which I talked about last week.

phpThumbfothFirst up is Fall of The Hulks. This event gets things rolling in December with Fall of The Hulks Alpha and Gamma. First in Alpha, it seems that a collection of Marvel villains (M.O.D.O.K., The Leader, The Mad Thinker, Egghead, Red Ghost and the Super Apes, and Dr. Doom) has been waiting and watching certain events in the Marvel Universe, and are ready to pounce with a foolproof battle plan that will cause this cataclysmic event. In Gamma, we’ll see The Hulk family (Hulk, Red-Hulk, Skaar, The She-Hulks, A-Bomb, and Doc Samson) implode, sending each other into a rage that will have dire consequences for their evil counterparts and everyone else on Earth.

The story will continue in January with Hulk #19, The Incredible Hulk #606, and Red Hulk #1. February will dish out Hulk #20, Incredible Hulk #607, and Red Hulk #2. March will expand just a bit with Hulk #21, Incredible Hulk #608, Red Hulk #3, and Savage She-Hulks #1. And April will bring the conclusion with Hulk # 22, Incredible Hulk #609, Red Hulk #4, and The Savage She-Hulks #2. Now, I’m not a big Hulk fan myself, but the collection of villains in this story does intrigue me a little bit; but I’ll probably wait to hear some reviews before I pick any of these titles up. Also good news for you Hulk fans out there, is that it isn’t going to spill over into any titles other than Hulk titles.

Next we have Doom War! Spilling out of the pages of Black Panther. We’ll see Dr. Doom and his never ending quest for power as he takes on T’Challa, The Fantastic Four, and Namor. The X-Men will make some cameos because of the Storm relationship as well. Specifically though, Wolverine will spend a lot of time in this one, along with Deadpool who is a hired gun, and also Nightcrawler and Colossus. It seems that Storm gets captured by Doom, and  T’Challa needs a black-ops team for some dirty work and these guys fit the bill. This story will be showcased in a five issue limited series, but as far as tie-ins go, this is pretty hush-hush on Marvel’s website, and some other sources I checked too. The creative team behind Black Panther (Jon Maberry-writer, Will Conrad & Ken Lashley-art) are in full control over this one. We will also get to see Doom’s relationship with The Broker as well. He’s a guy who travels time stealing other peoples’ tech and selling it to the highest bidder. Personally, I haven’t read  Black Panther since Secret Invasion, so it will be a new experience for me. I’m a big Victor Von Doom fan, so I’ll definitely be picking this limited series up, and hopefully it won’t cross over into thirty other comics that I’ll feel compelled to buy.

phpThumbsecondcomingLast but not least we have X-Men: Second Coming. This is the story I’m really psyched about for a ton of reasons. First, this story line will be a bookend for the trilogy of Messiah CompleX and Messiah War. The story will get started with Cable #22, where Cable and Hope are trying to return to the present time, but get dropped a few hundred years too early. Bishop, still in-tow, arrives, and you can guess what happens next. The big show kicks off with X-Men: The Second Coming (one-shot) in March of next year. We will have seen the conclusion to the now running Nation X story and Magneto’s return. Second Coming will come out swinging in all the big X-titles; Uncanny X-Men, X-Force, New Mutants, and X-Men Legacy. Many people (including me) already feel they know the outcome of this story. The masses feel that Hope is Jean Grey reincarnated. Marvel has really thrown a lot of clues out there to give you that impression, but it would seem a little dumb on their part for it to just end with “yeah everybody is right, it’s Jean.” I for one have high expectations for this event, and I “Hope” (pun intended) that Marvel, and specifically Matt Fraction, Kyle & Yost, Zeb Wells and Mike Carey, don’t drop the ball.
Secondly, I used to be a huge X-fan, but I have really lost interest since Messiah CompleX ended. I really thought that would have spring-boarded into something even better, but I don’t think it really has. Cable especially lost me after issue #5. Don’t get me wrong, what’s going on doesn’t suck, but it really isn’t impressing the heck out of me either. I’ve found myself much more attracted to the Avengers titles over the last two years than X-titles. I’ m really excited about the return of Magneto and Psylocke, so let’s all have some optimism for this next big X-event in the spring of 2010. Also, I’d like to put in a personal request to Marvel to have more Finch artwork, or even just some of his covers, please? OK, so that ‘s three of the biggest reasons why I’m so pumped for this story line, but that will have to do for now. Until next time fans, I bid thee farewell.

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  1. Marie

    Billy, Sounds like Marvel will have alot of excitement in 2010

  2. Eli

    I’d love to see Doom & company mop up the Hulks, I’ve had enough of them. I’m ready for Bruce to just get it over with, and put Skaar in his place. That boy has gotten too big for his britches. Perhaps Doom can help with that?!? Can you tell I’m not a Hulk fan?

  3. I’ll check out Fall of the Hulks; I’m interested to read Greg Pak’s stories the most.

    And I wasn’t planning on reading Doom War, but with so many X-Men involved, I’m suckered into it. This is a great team to do this type of thing, especially considering the location and the cast. I hope Nightcrawler shakes his funk and gets back to being his old collected self.

    As for X-Men: Second Coming, I’m pumped for. I really think Hope is Earth 616’s version of Rachel Summers. Virtually everything she’s displayed so far could also be attributed to her, as well as Jean Grey. It seems timely with the return of Cable and X-Man, perhaps Hope is tied into them somehow. Also, sorry to hear you’ve been a little disenchanted with the X-books recently. I’m of the opposite mold; I think it’s some of the best X-stuff we’ve seen in years… if not ever. What is hooking me in is the evolution of these characters and where they are now- there’s a lot of history there…

  4. billy

    @Andy-I’m definitely psyched about Second Coming and DoomWar but Fall of the Hulks doesn’t sound good enough to shell out the extra coin.

  5. Billy

    @Eli-yeah, I’m not a big Hulk fan either. I wish Marvel could come up with something a little more interesting to do with him.

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