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July 28, 2012

IDW Reviews: Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow #15

Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow #15
Publisher: IDW
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artists: Robert Atkins & Atilio Rojo
Cover: Andrea Di Vito

Dixon is weaving a tale layered in mistrust, deceit, and subterfuge, so it’s only fitting all of this is taking place in a title full of ninja. Snake Eyes has planted a bomb on Zartan’s jet which has gone down. Even with this act he has yet to gain Rika’s trust, as she takes steps to assure Snake Eyes is dealt with should he betray the Arashikage. Storm Shadow also makes his move against the Commander, but Krake didn’t become Cobra’s new leader by not being steps ahead of everyone.

What started out as a straight forward story has taken some unexpected twists as of late. Most of this is displayed through the flashbacks where Dixon reveals a bit more of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow’s past. We also see that these multi-layered schemes are more than just great story tools, but it’s Dixon’s way of showing that they are very much a part of Snake Eyes’ character and training. This is a pretty interesting way to present a deeper look at him since he is truly a silent character. In the past we’ve been forced to kind of see him through the large ensemble cast of his fellow Joes. Now that there is a tighter focus on just his character, Dixon has made it a bit harder to just nail down his motives.

You really couldn’t ask for a better looking issue with Atkins at the helm of this arc. The guy has an attention to detail that comes from not only being a talented artist, but also a fan of G.I. Joe. He moves this issue along without it having to be filled with action on every page. Though when it does happen, he makes it look good. He’s also got an updated look for three characters that haven’t been seen in quite some time.

Dixon has put more into this than constant action and ninja fights to hide weak plots. This is a very strong series, and Dixon has been able to give us a deeper look into a character who says nothing at all. With the addition of Storm Shadow there’s another level here that’s just as important as Snake Eyes, since the two have an intense bond. Now that Storm Shadow has revealed his hand to Cobra, and the Commander knows that Snake Eyes is on his side, it will be interesting to see the outcome.

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