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July 19, 2012

SDCC 2012! Pt. 1: People

San Diego Comic Con, the biggest convention for anyone into anything comics or just about anything, really. I went to the latest event for four days and ran all over the place inside and out to bring you some coverage as well as entertain myself. So this won’t be a comprehensive viewing of the convention that other articles will bring you, this will show you my view of the convention as I met all sorts of folks, and what I got to see as I ran around; this will be the article that covers the people I met over the course of my trip.

The convention center didn’t really experience a lull of guests; years ago Thursdays and Sundays were quieter days. That is gone, and instead the whole things is always packed to the brim with people excited to find new things and display their cool costumes. Speaking of cool costumes….


No hat! Fans know this is the sign of an accurate Dresden cosplay.

This was the first cosplay photo I took, of Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, Wizard P.I. of Chicago, Illinois. This guy nailed the look down of the lead character from Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series. His lack of a hat, which is common in a lot of Dresden cosplayers due to the inaccurate though cool looking book covers, is what sells it. This guy was great, not sure if it was him I saw later wearing the only appropriate hat for such a character, one of the Gandalf the Grey hats that were being passed out.


The Mega 64 Crew! Not pictured: Garret Hunter.

The Mega 64 booth was one of the first I went to find. They’ve been doing fantastic videos about video games for about a decade, and this was their first panel at SDCC, so it was an extra special year for visiting. I made sure to buy their con-exclusive DVD and a copy of their musical episode’s soundtrack. Always a fun group to see, I’ll talk more about them during the Panels article since I was lucky enough to get in there to see the fun they had set up. Also, if you’re anywhere near Disneyland in the coming fall, you should join Mega 64 and some of their fans for Game Days 2012, for all the gamer love.


It's a puppet! The plant, not the man.

This was an amazing Seymour and Audrey II from the musical version of The Little Shop of Horrors. He could control her and make her snap at folks, and it was always a delight to see the two of them. Yes, I’m referring to them as two separate entities, it was that well done. I need to go watch that movie again.


I wonder if the legs were filled with food.

Gir was running about, and it was a really well done costume. You really felt it was a robot hiding in a poorly constructed dog suit. I wish I could have gotten a photo of Gir and Wilfred together. I have the sudden urge to write a buddy-cop fanfic.


They drew me awesome stuff!

Kelly McDonald of Sorcery 101 and As We Were alongside her artist for As We Were, Shazzbaa Bennett, who now makes Today Nothing Happened. They were wonderful and gave me an idea to add to my Freddie Mercury as Mercury based characters. I now request Freddie Mercury as Sailor Mercury of Sailor Moon fame, as well as my old standby of Freddie Mercury as Mercury the Roman God. They were nice enough to draw them for me, and I think I’ll add them to the end of the article so you can see the awesome.


They were the best.

Peach and Daisy were on hand; these two were there and ready to take pictures. I noticed there was a wonderful assortment of rule 63 versions of characters. I saw a wonderful Catwoman who wore the outfit exactly as seen in Arkham City Kitty, cleavage and all. I sadly did not get a picture of him, but he did an amazing claw scratch gesture every time we cheered him on. There was a Black Widow who teamed up with Comic Attack’s own Mac in a Black Widow team up. I didn’t know which one to shoot, luckily I remembered there was no need to shoot them. Close one. Speaking of Black Widow as played by Mac….


Mac Widow!

This was just one of several costumes Mac wore for the convention, though I refuse to show one of them due to my dislike of clowns. I will admit that it is an impressive Pennywise the Clown, from It, but still, CREEPY. Mac wore an impressive steampunk Poison Ivy costume, it’s been making the rounds online, but I have another article about being a cosplay roadie for that day that we’ll get to. Mac’s other costume was also a rule 63, in the form of Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Data.


Mac and Ryan are space people, fact.

Here are Mac and Ryan as members of Star Fleet. Insert your own joke about how they beamed down to San Diego. I’m still working on one. Yours is probably funnier than mine. They’ll get more coverage in that roadie article.


They were so cute!

These Pokemon with their trainers were traveling around thanks to their remote control vehicles. They even got to hug my friend. It was amazing to see a life-size Ivysaur moving about the lobby floor.


More Rule 63!

Here’s Kelly Turnbull, of Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, as The Comedian. She even drew Freddie Mercury as Sailor Mercury for me, it was great. Again, the pictures will be at the end. She was also part of the Womanthology booth and panel. I’ll get to the panel tomorrow, but there were other members of Womanthology that were great.


Ma'at Crook and Trina Robbins

Ma’at Crook and Trina Robbins were there, and I got to spend some delightful time talking with Trina Robbins. She was great at the panel and made me wish to seek her out at the booth; I thankfully found her on Sunday and we got to chat with my friend. She told us of how busy Saturday was, so it was a good time to go to the zoo. She didn’t go see the penguins because she only got as far as the sea otters. We talked about animals and reincarnations, she was amazing, and you should go check out her works. I know I’m going to.


My favorite Lantern!

This guy was Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, and I had to take a picture. He was nice enough to light up the lantern for the picture. He was the other golden age hero I got a picture of. I also got my favorite Flash, Jay Garrick.


I really want one of those hats.

I think we’ve reached a point where some of these other pictures will have to be parsed out into my other articles. I plan on writing about all the panels I saw, an article on the booths with some fun and interesting ideas, and finally my day as a cosplay roadie. So see you next time! But first! Freddie Mercury!


Left to Right: Kell McDonald's Sailor Mercury, Kelly Turnbull's Sailor Mercury, and Shazzbaa Bennett's Mercury

Alexander Bustos



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