July 23, 2012

Zenescope Reviews: Call of Wonderland #1

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Written by: Billy
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Call of Wonderland #1
Publisher: Zenescope
Writer: Dan Wickline
Artists: Matt Triano & Nacho Arranz (Cover by Anthony Spay)
Colors: Stephen Downer & Thomas Bonvillain

When the events in Alice in Wonderland wrapped up, there appeared to be a new era ready to dawn there. Little did we know that the dawn would be filled with blood! By whom, you ask? The Red Knight, and possibly a certain queen, as well! The story begins as a normal college student heads to the library to read up on a project involving H. P. Lovecraft. The student reads about how a young man who had been having what he initially thought were dreams, came to the conclusion that they were more like a message that was telling him to be ready for something. He saw fantastic creatures that were unlike anything man had ever seen before. He then followed these “messages” until he reached an abandoned warehouse where two men were talking. He listened as one man told the other that he knows how to open a portal to another universe where mythical beings reside. The cynical man told the other to stop before he’d regret this course of action. Well, he didn’t heed the man’s words, and summoned a portal that some unholy beast popped through, and then killed the other man. The young college student takes a break from reading the book, and then her adventure begins!

How this book will tie into the ongoing Wonderland series that’s starting soon is unknown, but I can’t wait to find out. At the end of the previous mini-series, it seemed as though things were going to get better with the evil ones killed. Apparently not, and it will be interesting to see how this Red Knight character has assumed power. As usual, Zenescope has put their own little twist into something cool, and they’ve really mastered that scenario. Dan Wickline (1001 Arabian Nights, Grimm Fairy Tales) seems to be a perfect fit with this title, and it seems like they trust him completely with the reigns of this new vision.

As far as artwork goes, this book was pretty good. Two people on pencils as well as two on colors made this book flow pretty well. The book is a typical Zenescope style book, where the characters and fantasy creatures are the focal point. The sexy women, the scary and unusual beasts, and all around fun, are what makes this book, plus all of the others like Grimm Fairy Tales, Myths & Legends, and Neverland. This title just keeps the ball rolling for them!

Billy Dunleavy



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