July 18, 2012

Zenescope Reviews: Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Neverland Hook #5

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Written by: Billy
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Neverland Hook #5
Publisher: Zenescope
Writer: Joe Brusha
Artist: Geoff Shaw (cover by Stjepan Sejic)
Colors: Derek Dow

In this, the final chapter of the story, Cross is saved by his companions Belle, the Princess Tiger Lilly, and Wendy. He then must go back through the portal to NYC, to confront Barr. He and Belle confront him indeed, but they then have to lead him back through the portal to Neverland, and then into a void, where he can’t hurt anyone. This is easier said than done, and there is also the matter of his henchmen, as well. Princess Tiger Lilly, Wendy, and Belle take care of the henchmen, but suddenly the Dark Fairy swoops in and kills Wendy! Will Cross be able to get over her death, and defeat the powerful Barr? It seems unlikely, but even if he does, there is a presence lurking in the shadows that is ready to strike in the event that he does!

This series so far has been paced very well, so it was a bit of a surprise when this particular issue felt rushed. Not that it was bad or anything, but the first four issues seemed nice and even, whereas this one was seemingly hurried and ended quite abruptly. The drama between Cross and Wendy was great, and their relationship really sets the tone for this book. The cliffhanger was cool, too, and we all know what that will hold for the future of Neverland.

Geoff Shaw has a different style than the previous artist (Jim Rodgers) on this series, but he certainly did the story justice. He did do a better job on the characters than the settings, but they were at least adequate. His depiction of Barr was pretty good, but reminded me a little too much of the Hulk. The “A” cover by Sejic was just gorgeous. Then again, when aren’t they? Hopefully people don’t start to take his work for granted, but it will probably happen anyway. He does a masterful job on covers, and that’s saying something, because there are a lot of good cover artists out there, but he is most certainly the best! (Alternate cover below.) Rating 3.5/5

Billy Dunleavy



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