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July 15, 2012

Image Reviews: Creator Owned Heroes #2

Creator Owned Heroes #2
Publisher: Image
Writers: Steve Niles, Justin Gray, & Jimmy Palmiotti
Artists: Kevin Mellon & Phil Noto
Cover: Phil Noto

Unlike the first issue, Trigger Girl 6 is first up, and she’s still on her mission of death. The target is a bit more specific and very high profile, but she makes trying to kill the President look way too easy. The action is pretty fast paced in the eleven pages of story we’re given, but it’s pretty intense. What is also great is that instead of Gray and Palmiotti explaining her abilities in caption boxes, they just let Noto show us in the great looking artwork. Aside from her cool range of abilities, Gray and Palmiotti really convey that the Trigger Girls seem to be the scariest people on the planet. The presence of just one scared the crap out of an entire room and has sparked the military to respond with tanks. This issue’s cliffhanger, which reveals a certain connection to the President, will also be more than enough to have you coming back.

Niles and Mellon keep American Muscle moving pretty well, as Chloe and Monica are on the run from their mutated attackers. After that is taken care of, a member of the group finds something that raises a lot more questions about the attack. The group’s leader, Gil, is pretty upset with himself after last issue’s revelation, and has a strong desire to do right by the people who have put their trust in him. It’s too bad this noble desire just might end up getting him killed.

This issue is just as packed with extras as the first issue, since the creative teams deliver interviews and features after the two main stories. Palmiotti gives some great Kickstarter advice, along with chatting it up with Paul Pope. Niles and Gray also sprinkle some of their industry knowledge amongst the pages. The only issue I have with the book is the length of the stories. Of course it’s a personal gripe, because just like many of the comic fans around the globe, I’m pretty greedy when it comes to a good story. So if you haven’t given it a chance, I’d suggest a look at Creator Owned Heroes for your own enjoyment.

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