July 13, 2012

SDCC All-Ages Updates!

Hey friendly web-surfers! Drew here from the From Friendly Ghosts To Gamma Rays column (click on that title to take you to all our articles!). If you’re like me and couldn’t make it over to California for SDCC, you might be looking for something to read while taking breaks from having your head buried in your Nintendo-DS, trying to beat Pokemon Conquest. Never fear, for I have all your SDCC all-ages comics news for you, right here, thanks to my contacts there! So read on (and note, as mentioned this is all-ages stuff. So all the cool news related to reboots of things likeĀ Evil Ernie or the like aren’t here, even though Dynamite bringng back Evil Ernie is pretty cool).

– Before SDCC opened, Archie had big news. New Crusaders must be doing pretty well, heck we love it here, cause Archie/Red Circle will be expanding their universe with The Lost Crusade. If you have the Red Circle app or are a long term fan, you know the 1980s issues just ended at a halt and things weren’t really wrapped up. Well The Lost Crusade will fill in the gap of what happened after the 1980s up into the present day.

-Archie, as well before SDCC opened, announced their mega-popular Sonic the Hedgehog comic would have a cross over with their other wildly popular video game based comic, Megaman, which will run between multiple issues of Sonic the Hedgehog, Megaman and Sonic Universe. That’s some pretty big news even before the conventions doors opened.

-On Thursday, Bongo Comics finally took the digital leap and a ton of The Simpsons comics became available on comiXology. No word yet on if Sponge Bob or the Sergio Aragones Funnies will go digital as well, but its a start for the long loved series in digital format.

-Ape Entertainment, who has much success with their comic adaptation of mobile game Pocket God, is launching 3 more digital adaptations of mobile games, Squids, Temple Run and Fruit Ninja.

-Viz on November 13th this year will release Street Fighter X Sanrio: World View, which combines the Hello Kitty universe characters with the looks of Capcom’s famed Street Fighter characters. A book and sticker collection book will be released, and it actually does look like a lot of fun.

– As predicted JManga finally announced in October that they will have an app for iOS and Android. This is a major break through being you always had to log into their website to buy and read manga, and it didnt work so well on i-Pads and other tablets. Viz will truly have some competition now, although probably more so with comics aimed at adults, which JManga has an amazing selection of, and not as much the Shonen-stuff, which Viz has a lock on thanks to Shonen Jump Alpha.

-No one saw this coming but Terry Moore, of Strangers in Paradise fame, announced after he ends his horror series, Rachel Rising, he would next be doing an all-ages book, more details to come.

-The Boom! all-age’s line, KaBoom!, will be doing a new comic titled Bravest Warrior, based off a new Pendleton Ward cartoon.

-IDW announced Kevin Eastman would be drawing the 48-page Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles annual, to the excitement of TMNT fans.

-IDW also announced to the excitement of kids and bronies alike that in November they will be doing a new My Little Pony comic, based off the popular TV animated reboot.

That’s it for now folks! I’ll be back again this weekend with more all-ages updates! If still want to read more, check out our latest column that went up today by clicking here!

Art released for IDW's upcoming My Little Pony comic

Drew McCabe



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