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July 14, 2012

DC Comics Review: Batman #11

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Written by: Boyblunder
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Batman #11
DC Comics
Scott Snyder
Greg Capullo


This is it folks, the one we’ve been waiting for. Batman in an action packed final stand-off between the Court of Owls’ big kahuna. This issue offers plenty of everything – relentless action, supervillain gloating, and the perfect ending to an imperative chapter in the Caped-Crusader’s history.

I’ll be honest; after how amazing issue #10 was, I wasn’t sure if Snyder could offer up something that would compare to the big reveal that (spoilers) Bruce had a secret brother, who was now a crazy, owl fetishized, supervillain. I now am beginning to realize that there are few more idiotic things one can do than to doubt Scott Snyder, who is easily rising through the ranks of Comicdom, and proving himself not only to be one of the best writers working in the medium today, but maybe in the history of comics.

That may seem like too high of praise, but looking at this creator’s work on Batman (let alone the fantastic American Vampire, and Swamp Thing), I am pleasantly surprised at what he’s been able to do. He’s written a series that will go down in history as one of the best Batman stories ever written (or at least one of the most influential). To think that such stories can even be written anymore about a 70 plus year old character is astounding.

But enough of my fanboy gushing over Snyder. As you can tell I very much liked this issue, it’s a fitting finale to a compelling arc, that leaves enough open ends to keep you curious about whatever Snyder’s planning to do with the Court of Owls in the future. If you like comics, or just plain good storytelling and great art, the Court of Owls story line is for you (and if you hate those things, then just go read whatever Rob Liefeld’s doing).



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  1. I like how the back up story kind of goes against Bruce’s firm stand that his brother is actually dead. It forces to reader to be just as unsure and that makes for a better story when the creative team decides to come back to these characters.

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