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July 14, 2012

Ye Olde School Café: Avengers: The Korvac Saga pt 3

Hello and welcome back to another week chocked full of comic book greatness in Ye Olde School Café! This week, we’ll be continuing our look at the Bronze Age, classic cosmic story of – Avengers: The Korvac Saga! So far, we’ve seen Thor, alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy, throw-down with a new enemy that seems more powerful than all of them combined! He vanished, though, only to show up again very soon after, and demonstrated just how powerful he really is, by incinerating, then recreating Starhawk! Now, he waits and is plotting to use another sinister scheme to exact revenge on those he deems unworthy!

As Captain America is trying to push himself in the gym, Beast arrives and thinks his usual wit and humor will snap him out of this funk he’s in. Well, Cap basically tells him off, and then Iron Man intervenes. The two leaders have a discussion about both of their recent shortcomings, but then part on friendly terms. While that’s going on, the Scarlet Witch gets a phone call from Hawkeye. He tells her that the Two-Gun Kid just vanished into thin air and he’s spooked. He tells her that he’s on his way back to the mansion and not to worry. Her brother, Pietro (Quicksilver), is with his wife Crystal, having a conversation about their life together, but then suddenly, he disappears in the same manner that the Two-Gun Kid did! The mansion then gets a surprise visit from two returning members with Wasp and Yellow Jacket (Pym). They arrive with Jocasta in a crate, because Janet doesn’t want her in her home anymore. The team remarks about her beauty, and then Ultron’s ugliness.

Out in the street, a young Vance Astrovik is scolded by his mother, then almost run down by a truck. A sinister looking figure watches closely as a disguised Charlie 27 saves his life. The Avengers are then startled by the van driver that delivered Jocasta, as he is acting like a raving lunatic. He says that the “girl” is very angry with the other delivery guy. As the team investigates, they see that Jocasta lives again. The Vision attempts to subdue her, but he’s pushed aside easily when he tries to use his intangibility. Next, Wonder Man and Beast try their luck, but to no avail. Just as things start to get interesting, Iron Man, Cap, and Thor show up to stop their fellow teammates from any further attempts. Pym and Wonder Man are livid, but Iron Man tells them that he’ll explain why he’s letting Jocasta walk away. He tells them that she’ll lead them to Ultron!

As the team heads out after Jocasta, they’re beleaguered by a host of fans. They quickly dismiss them and try to continue their investigation, but they are visited by Ms. Marvel, who tells them that she’s been getting some visions that told her that the Avengers are in trouble. They agree to let her join them, and then the quest continues. They arrive at, of all places, a convent! After a quick explanation in Latin from the Beast, a nun agrees to let them in. Thor remarks that he feels uneasy in such a place because of his “godhood,” but then he also tells Scarlet Witch that even the mighty Odin lays no claim to any supreme divinity. All of a sudden, the Scarlet Witch and the nun disappear. The team then hears something from a nearby room and checks it out. The voice of the evil Ultron blasts from it, and the team is shocked to see him again! He almost immediately uses his eye beams to blast Pym right in the face. Ultron is stunned to see that his beams have no effect. Pym tells him that he’s taken measures to use his knowledge to fortify the team against that particular offensive maneuver.

As the team goes into action, we watch Wanda as she wakes up in a room of mirrors and is struggling to get her bearings. She tries to move about, but is quick to see that this place is not what it seems. The team isn’t having any better luck, either. Ultron is dismantling them slowly but surely. Ms. Marvel figures out that the nun is a robot, and she disposes of it. Then she and Scarlet Witch confront Ultron, who has now placed the others in an energy bubble. The Scarlet Witch then uses her hex powers on him as he tries to use a molecular re-arranger on them. It backfires, and then along with Thor’s hammer, defeats Ultron. As they celebrate their victory, Jocasta and Cap vanish into thin air as did the previous heroes, with no explanation. Wanda, looking very frazzled, tells the team that this is only the beginning.

Well, that’s it for now, but be back next week for the triumphant return of the crazy archer himself, Hawkeye! Also, we’ll see the undersea terror, Tyrak, Wonder Man get sexually harassed by Ms. Marvel, and we’ll see who’s “collecting” superheroes! See you next week!

Billy Dunleavy




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