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July 4, 2012

Gotta Have It!: skinit iPhone Superman cover

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Written by: mike
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What better way to show off your love of comics than to have your favorite character splashed across your phone? In a world where having a phone is more important than your left pinky, I’d say it would be pretty cool. Skinit is offering a variety of heroes to cover your phone, and today we get a special look at the Superman logo iPhone skin.


When the skin first arrives, it’s on a plastic card, and peeled off much like a sticker. Now, before I put on the skin, it looked like this:




To apply the skin, it is a simple matter of peeling it off of the card, and applying it to your phone. What’s easy to like about this, is the fact that the home button, speakers, camera lens, etc., all come pre-cut into the skin. They are easy to remove and don’t require much attention. The difficult part about the whole skin is the actual process of applying it to your phone. If you have shaky hands, I suggest getting someone who doesn’t to do it for you. Make sure your phone is completely clean before you put the skin on, because you may risk bubbling of the skin. The steps involved in applying the skin are included, so there are no special tricks to the process.






Skinit offers a pretty cool variety of other comic related characters, as well as everything from music to sports. At the relatively affordable price of $14.99, the skin covers offer some decent protection, but more importantly add some pretty cool flavor to your phone. If you don’t mind spending that money a few times, they can be taken off and replaced fairly easily. The best part of what Skinit offers is the fact that you can create your own custom design for your phone. You can use your own images and play around with it to your liking. Their pre-made skins are cool, but it is also a ton of fun to make your own.

Rating : 8/10

Mike Parente



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