November 16, 2009

Marvel Reviews: X-Force #21 Review


Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost
Artist: Clayton Crain
Cover: Clayton Crain

“Necrosha pt 2”: Marvel’s mutant titles have always been proof that you can’t keep a good mutant down… or dead for that matter. However, the Necrosha storyline is giving a plausible reason for characters to come back and wreck havoc on former friends, enemies, teammates, and, in some cases, lovers.  This latest issue of X-Force continues to showcase a plethora of fallen characters that are invading Utopia and trying to kill the X-Men at the command of the mutant vampire Selene. Too bad for  Vanisher that he’s teleported directly into the middle of this battle, but a well-placed optic blast from Cyclops saves him from getting his head chopped clean off!  He’s desperately trying to find Elixir, who put a tumor in his brain, but he doesn’t know that the guy he’s looking for is laid up in the infirmary and out of commission.

Too bad for the X-Teams that all of this seems to be but a distraction for what Selene has planned. Remember the M Day event that left only about 200 mutants left in the entire world?  Well Selene has just decided to increase that number to over a million by reviving the dead mutants in Genosha.  As all of these events are taking place, the sentinel Bastion is keeping a close eye on his prey.  Wonder if he is ticked off that this is pretty much his fault due to his actions in earlier X-Force issues?  The last thing this guy wants is more mutants on the planet… especially ones that are infected with the techno organic virus.

Kyle and Yost move this chapter along pretty slowly, and most of it is composed of the fights between various mutants.  It was cool to see some familiar faces, but the actual parts that furthered the plot were sparse.  I do like that even with everything hitting the fan right now, Vanisher is all about self preservation and not much else.  Cain’s artwork is pretty good, though not some of his best work. Some panels lack detail, yet others seem filled with it at various points in the book.  However, I am really liking his vampire movie-inspired variant covers for this series.  All in all this issue could have been included in the X Necrosha one shot that came out recently, maybe filling that story out a little more.  I’m really expecting the next few chapters to pick up some momentum soon, because there’s potential for some really good things to happen here.

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  1. billy

    This story has been ok so far but I hope it gets even better. I had high expectations with Kyle & Yost on this one.

  2. Eli

    This is definitely a decent, halfway realistic way of bringing characters back from the dead. Much better than some other revivals we’ve seen in recent years. All in all, not a bad story, especially since there’s a guy named Eli involved.

  3. Jeff Jackson

    I’m loving the whole thing. It’s just X-Men geek porn.

  4. Crain’s doing a solid job on these X-Force x-overs!

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