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June 14, 2012

The Comics Console: Preparing for LEGO Batman 2 and Amazing Spider-Man

The next couple of weeks are going to be very busy here at The Comics Console, and I’m pretty excited about it. In less than a week LEGO Batman 2: Super Heroes will be hitting shelves, with Amazing Spider-Man following suit seven days later.

Both of these titles are offering massive changes from their previous counterparts. Though this is the first Amazing Spider-Man title, it’s developer Beenox’s third crack at the character, and their first attempt at launching Spidey back into a New York City sandbox. The pressure is heavy on Beenox to deliver. We haven’t had a decent open world Spidey game since 2005’s Ultimate Spider-Man. While Web-Head makes his triumphant return to a NYC sandbox, Traveller’s Tales makes their debut into the open world environment with a LEGO Gotham city free to roam through and explore. Watch LEGO Superman take to the skies above Gotham to give you a look at the scope of the map, and cruise the streets in Bruce’s favorite car.

Also new to this side of the LEGO-verse is the addition of fully realized voice overs, and thankfully, quality was taken into consideration. Clancy Brown reprises his role as Lex Luthor, with Tom Kenny, John DiMaggio, Tara Strong, and other top names confirmed for the game.

More than just playing a game is playing a game with the extras you want most. Pre-ordering LEGO Batman 2 at GameStop gets you a real Lex Luthor LEGO figure, and pre-ordering at Best Buy or Amazon gets you a Heroes Pack DLC for five playable characters, including Nightwing, Damian Wayne, Shazam, Zatana, and Katana. For Amazing Spider-Man, pre-ordering with Amazon gets you the highly anticipated Stan Lee DLC, which goes much further than a simple Stan Lee skin. This DLC is a full mission where you as Stan search the city for the mission pages of his latest script. And the whole adventure is voiced by the man himself. As of this date, GameStop and Best Buy have yet to announce any bonus offers, although there has been word of a bonus Rhino mission, but whatever it may be, it’ll have to be pretty awesome to top a Stan Lee mission.

I think Traveller’s Tales will be offering their true potential with LEGO Batman, while Beenox may have something to prove with Amazing Spider-Man, but regardless, it’s great having two awesome looking games coming out back to back to look forward to. Which game are you most looking forward to?

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